ESPN Announces “Best WWE Moment” ESPYS Award and Nominees

WWE Espys
Photo: ESPN

In a surprising but exciting announcement, the worldwide leader in sports, ESPN, has announced that for the first time ever that the WWE will have their first award category. The category is known as the “Best WWE Moment” of the past year. The ESPYS are voted on by the fans and are given to the respected winner on July 10th at the awards ceremony as this is the sports version of the Oscars. It is always good to see progress like this for the wrestling world and being recognized on this platform is exciting for everyone involved and the fans.

The four moments up for “Best WWE Moment” of the past year since the last ESPYS are the following

Roman Reigns’ Return to WWE Following His Battle with Leukemia

It is hard to think of a more real moment than the opening of the February 25th edition of Monday Night Raw. It was announced that Roman Reigns would open that show with a status update on his battle. He would continuously thank the fans for showing him all this love and support, no matter how they felt about him inside the squared circle. That is when he would get to the point of saying the news. “The good news is… I’m in remission yall” said Reigns as the goosebumps on everyone around the world rose and fans jumped to their feet to see that “The Big Dog” was close to coming home. While all the moments on this list are incredible, they are not as heartwarming as this one.


Becky Lynch becoming “Becky 2 Belts” in the WrestleMania Main Event

It took 35 years of WrestleMania before we finally got a women’s match as the main event of the big show. This year was that year has Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, and Royal Rumble Winner Becky Lynch all faced off in the winner takes all main event. After months of build up through tv segments, an injury to Lynch, and Twitter battles that stole the attention of so many, Becky Lynch was able to prove her destiny as “The Man”. As Ronda Rousey prepared her for the Piper’s Pit slam, Becky was able to get her down on the mat long enough for the three count, making true history and a perfect final scene for this years WrestleMania.

Kofi Kingston winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania

A lot of the time, the best stories are the ones you cannot control. Following an injury to Ali right before the Elimination Chamber, Kofi Kingston was given the opportunity to compete in hopes of finally becoming the WWE Champion. Following his incredible effort in the gauntlet match and Elimination Chamber, all the fans wanted to see was Kofi Kingston get his opportunity at WrestleMania. He would get his chance when he would face Daniel Bryan. And in a moment that will replayed throughout WWE’s history, Kofi Kingston finally won the WWE Championship and celebrated that win with his family and New Day brothers.

Ronda Rousey winning the RAW Women’s Championship at SummerSlam

The transformation of Ronda Rousey from legendary MMA fighter to a top WWE wrestler was one of the smoothest in history. So many say that Rousey picked up pro wrestling much like Kurt Angle, and some even say better than the Olympic Gold athlete. All of her hard work and dedication to being apart of this and helping the women in the WWE get an even better opportunity, including the first ever women’s only PPV, WWE Evolution. But before that big event, Ronda Rousey would face Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam for the Raw Women’s Championship. Ronda would get Bliss to tap out and all the emotion poured out of Ronda as it showed that she loved this. She was doing all she possibly could to prove she belonged in win her first and only women’s championship.


You can vote for your opinion of the “Best WWE Moment” of the year on ESPN’s website and hope to see history made. This is surely a credit to the WWE as they are helping wrestling break into the main stream more and more.

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