The NXT Recap (6/12/19)

NXT Recap
Photo: WWE

What a jam packed episode! We have the excellent encounter between Drew Gulak and Kushida, the announcement of the next NXT Women’s Championship match, and possibly a hint at the next feud for The Undisputed Era.  Here is your NXT recap

NXT Recap


Photo: WWE

This episode kicked off in the women’s division with a tag team match with the teams of Io Shirai and Candice Lerae vs two of the Four Horsewomen of MMA Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir with Shayna Baszler ringside. The early portion of this match really put over LeRae as a veteran as she was able to counter attacks from both Shafir and Duke; that was until a distraction from Duke allowed Shafir to knock LeRae off the top rope to take control of the action.

The MMA veterans used a series of strikes, judo, and quick tags to punish LeRae, and to keep her isolated from Shirai. The babyfaces were soon back in control with a well placed shove that forced Duke into Shafir, soon followed by a failed attempt by Duke to knock Shirai off the rope, and a successful enzuguri from Lerae.

Shirai is given the hot tag and lands a flurry of offense retaking control of the match. Shirai can’t help, but to taunt Baszler mimicking the Queen of Spades stomp to the arm on the prone Duke. The match breaks down when Shirai is setting up a moonault on the downed Duke before Baszler pulled her out of the ring. Shirai uses this opportunity to nail her rival with a moonsault to the outside of the ring.

Duke and Shafir attempt to offer an assist to their friend/leader, but are wiped out by Lerae with a suicide dive. Chaos breaks loose ringside as the ref rings the bell resulting in a no contest. Shirai continues her assault on Bazler into the crowd and backstage area, while LeRae is taking care of both Duke and Shafir before security comes out to break it up.

It is announced later in the show that Shirai and Baszler will face each other in a steel cage match in two weeks for NXT Women’s Championship, and this match did very well to set that up.


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A recap of their previous encounter, which Kushida was victorious in was shown prior to their battle. This battle is set up as Gulak felt Kushida was a counter for using a pin instead of attempting to submit him. This match was a technical chess match as both men engaged in a scramble with Kushida having dominant position throughout.

The middle portion of this match to put over Kushida’s speed and technical acumen, but allowed Gulak to show off his more brutal approach with a painful modified gory stretch, a very well done modified boston crab, and possibly the nastiest looking ankle variation I’ve seen.

Ultimately Kushida would prove victorious again following a brilliant kick and a springboard into the Hoverboard Lock forced Gulak to tap out. Kushida applauded Gulak for his efforts, and even got the crowd to cheer for him. After some hesitation on Gulak’s part, the pair shook hands in respect, as it looks like Kushida will on up the NXT ladder.


What started out as an update outside the performance center turned into a verbal assault on the Blasian Baddie, who was not present to defend herself. It started when Borne commented that it looked like Yim would be receiving the next title shot, then the duo cut loose on every reason why Yim would be a horrible champion. While it was not announced you would have to think Yim will want to settle this in the ring somewhere in the near future.


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Anytime Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch are in the ring there is going to be a brawl, and The Undisputed Era’s Kyle O’Reilly and Roderick Strong were happy to oblige.

The early going of the match was filled with stiff strikes from both teams, with no real control being established until Strong landed a big boot to Burch and rammed him into Lorcan. From there it was all Undisputed controlling Lorcan with brutal strike and quick tags.

Following a hot tag to Burch, each team was able to highlight their best assets. The Undisputed Era’s cunning with Strong dragging O’Reilly’s leg to the rope for a break while Burch had a crossface applied, and the Brawlers’ heart with Lorcan plowing through O’Reilly to break up a pin following a brainbuster to his teammate.

Just as the team was engaged in a heated striking exchange, Jaxson Ryker made his way to the ringside. He laid waste to referee’s and security guards alike, but he never made it to the ring. This was enough to distract both members of the Era long enough for Burch to shove Strong out the ring and roll up O’Reilly for the pin. While the Brit-Am Brawlers celebrated their biggest win, The Undisputed Era stared in bewilderment at Ryker. The show went off the air with coach Robbie Brookside yelling at Ryker, while Ryker just stared on.

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