Preview: Beyond Wrestling – Uncharted Territory Episode 11 (6/12/19)

Beyond Wrestling
Photo: Beyond Wrestling

Uncharted Territory currently in the middle of its very first season and things have been heating up. If you aren’t watching Uncharted Territory you should be. Last weeks crowd was one of the hottest wrestling crowds in North American.  Last weekend Beyond held their sold-out Secret Show with no card at all announced in Boston Proper. The show had some huge ramifications from Orange Cassidy winning his second Independent Championship. The feud between Kris Stratlander and Kimber Lee intensified. The never-ending feud between David Starr and Joey Janela was rekindled. Beyond now has a straight shot to Americanrana and the end of the first season of Uncharted Territory. Uncharted Territory episode 11 promises to be action packed as these next couple shows should be filling in the rest of the card for Americanrana ‘19 which already features Chris Dickinson vs Daisuke Sekimoto, Johnny Foxwoods (John Hennigan) and Rock n’ Roll Express.

Tom Lawler vs Chuck O’Neil

Photo: Beyond

Tom Lawler seems to have made himself at home in Uncharted Territory. He will be appearing for his third week in a row. His first week was part of Chris Dickinson’s destruction tour but his second week he was able to get the win over John Silver in an intense match. Chuck O’Neil has been causing havoc all over this season of Uncharted Territory. Attacking anyone he doesn’t believe are real wrestlers. Last week, Tom Lawler saved Josh Briggs from Chuck’s attack. Lawler told Chuck people like O’Neil are giving wrestling a bad name.

These two former MMA fighters who have 43 pro fights between them will meet in the ring in what should be an extremely hard-hitting match.

Richard Holliday vs Anthony Greene

Uncharted Territory Episode 11
Photo: Beyond Wrestling

This is a feud that started over getting to do commentary. Last week Greene was doing commentary the first half of the show until out of nowhere Holiday, who also has been helping out on commentary, came and kicked Greene out of the booth. Greene followed up by challenging Holiday. These two will settle who is the best guest commentator in the ring this week.

Kris Stratlander vs Joey Janela

Photo: Beyond Wrestling

Statlander comes off the back of a crushing title loss to Orange Cassidy and has to face the returning Joey Janela.  Can the alien defeat the Bad Boy or will Janela be too much for the former indie wrestling champion?

Discovery Gauntlet

The Discovery Gauntlet has pretty simple rules, you got to win it to stay in it. Thomas Santell has now won six matches in a row and is one of the most over wrestlers in all of independent wrestling. If you haven’t watched any of his matches you should just to see how loud a crowd can chant “Ovaltine, OVALTINE”. It is amazing. Santell will look to continue his run in Beyond again this week. His opponent will be kept secret until the match but expect it to be a fun match if it is anything like the other matches in his run.

Bear Country Open Challenge

Uncharted Territory Episode 11
Photo: Beyond Wrestling

Bear Country have also become breakout stars on Uncharted Territory. They have a pretty good win streak going right now having beaten The Butcher and the Blade, Beaver Boys and To Infinity and Beyond. After beating Violence is Forever at the Boston Secret show this weekend they called themselves the Ace’s of Beyond. This week they are calling out anyone and everyone to come to challenge them in hopes to keep their win streak going.

LAX vs Youthanazia

Uncharted Territory Episode 11
Photo: Beyond Wrestling

There isn’t a hotter tag team in wrestling right now than LAX. The team is currently the Impact Tag team champions and have been undefeated on their few trips to Uncharted Territory. The team who last time in Uncharted Territory beat Best Friends will take on Backyard favorites in Youthanazia. The team of Matt Cross and Josh Prohibition will be looking to prove themselves as the veterans they are by taking on one of the best tag teams in wrestling right now. Matt Cross is a regular at Beyond but this will be the teams first time tagging in Beyond.

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