Preview: CMLL – Copa Dinastias (6/7/19)

Photo: CMLL

Beginning Friday and for the next three weeks, Arena Mexico will be the host to Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL)‘s annual Copa Dinastias tag team tournament where all members of the tournament have to be members of famous wrestling families. Tomorrow will be the A Block matches followed by the B Block matches on 6/14/19 and then the finals on 6/21/19.

RUSH & Bestia Del Ring vs. Volador Jr. and Flyer (Copa Dinastias A-Block tournament match):

To use an example of a wrestling family, Dinastia Munoz (RUSH, Dragon Lee and Mistico) will be represented by RUSH, who will be teaming up with his Ingobernables partner, La Bestia Del Ring to face the tag team of Volador Jr. and Flyer. It’s safe to say that Los Ingobernables are the heavy favorite to walk out as the tournament winners. With RUSH dominating in CMLL as the top guy in the promotion, and currently on an undefeated streak in ROH while also dominating in the U.S., could we see the stronghold continue from Los Ingobernables tomorrow?

Euforia and Soberano Jr. vs. Negro Casas and El Felino (Copa Dinastias A-Block tournament match):

In another A-Block match, we will see Negro Casas and El Felino (The Feline) take on the team of Euforia and Soberano Soberano Jr. The winners of these matches will face off within the next 2 weeks to determine the winner of the A-Block. Here are a couple of other featured matches from the card followed by the rest of the undercard matches. Coming off of what was the first challenge to the Mexican National Welterweight title on 6/2/19 versus Soberano Jr., Negro Casas looks to get the upper hand against Soberano Jr. with the help of the cat of CMLL.

Caristico, Niebla Roja and Angel Del Oro vs. Gilbert El Boricua, Ultimo and Gran Guerrero:

Another top match on the card will have Caristico, Niebla Roja and Angel Del Oro vs. The trios team of Gilbert El Boricua (Mil Muertes in Lucha Underground), Ultimo Guerrero and Gran Guerrero. The story of this match really falls on the rivalry between Ultimo Guerrero and Caristico as the two men have had been building to a possible Hair vs. Mask match down the road. The two faced off at the first CMLL show of the new year back on 1/1/19 with Caristico getting the win. Could we see the rivalry escalate to new heights tomorrow night at Arena Mexico?

Babaro Cavernario vs. Templario (Relampago match):

In a special one on one “Relampago match”, Barbaro Cavernario will face off against Templario. Barbaro Cavernario has proven to be a major up and coming star with CMLL. His matches have been some of the best matches on the card over the last year. Coming off one of the best matches of 2019 just a couple of weeks ago versus Mistico, can Cavernario continue the streak of great matches?

In the undercard, we have two trios matches and a tag match to open the show. Electrico and Oro Jr. will face off against the team of Grako and El Coyote. In the second match of the card, Blue Panther, Black Panther and Blue Panther Jr. will face the team of Virus, Distrubio, and Kawato San, and the third match will have the trios team of El Valiente, Stuka and El Audaz versus the trios team of Mephisto, Rey Bucanero and Ephesto.

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