The NXT Recap (6/5/19)

NXT Recap
Photo: WWE

Ah the post NXT Takeover episode. A time to reflect on the spectacle of the weekend and a time to highlight talented individuals that just missed the card. While the highlight of the episode would have to be the main event rubber match between Bianca BelAir and Mia Yim, this weeks show kicks off with a superstar that has”limitless” potential.  Here is the NXT recap!

NXT Recap: Limitless Bests NXT’s Finest

NXT Recap
Photo: WWE

There was no doubt who the crowd favorite was when Keith Lee faced off with Kona Reeves, as the fans were singing Keith Lee’s song for sometime after the bell rang. The early portion of the match was used to highlight Lee’s spectacular strength, as he controlled Reeves with one arm early on. Reeves tried to bail out twice, but Lee was able to pull him back in both times first from the apron before popping the crowd by pulling him back in from outside the ring (all still only using one arm).

A nice back and forth started following a faked knee injury from Reeves. Both competitors had highlights such as a leapfrog from Lee, that is always surprising for a man his size no matter how many times I see it, and Reeves getting a two count following a Rock Bottom. Ultimately Keith Lee reigned victorious following The Limit Breaker, continuing his climb up the NXT rankings.

NXT TakeOver Highlights, Backstage Exclusives, and Damian Priest

The night was filled with recaps from all the matches at NXT TakeOver 25, and a few backstage exclusives with the men and women who competed that night. They were very brief with only Tyler Breeze getting a backstage interview, and the main talking point him proclaiming that he is back in NXT full time.

Highlights from other exclusives include Io Shirai yelling she’s not done with Shayna as she stormed off camera, and The Street Profits celebrating their championship victory with chants of hard work determination and giving a shout out to the cameraman asking him to come on screen.

Just before the main event, we see a vignette for the debuting Damian Priest (formerly known as Punishment Martinez). Knowing the praise he got from Triple H for his match with Matt Riddle a while back, I would not doubt he gets a serious push upon his re-debut.

NXT Recap: BelAir vs. Yim III

Photo: WWE

This show was capped off with a brilliant back and forth match between the EST of NXT Bianca BelAir and the Blasian Baddie Mia Yim. The story of this match could be summed up from a spot that happened early on as Yim locked BelAir in a front headlock, but BelAir used her incredible strength to lift Yim in the air for a brief period of time before the veteran countered into a sunset flip for a two count.

Each competitor looked to establish dominance throughout Bianca with her raw strength and natural athleticism, and Mia using her years of experience and veteran savvy to counter her more inexperienced opponent. Mid match BelAir started focusing on the ribs of Yim, the most damage being done by forcing Yim’s ribs into the ring post holding her there just breaking before the five count. BelAir looked to continue, but Yim countered pulling Bianca shoulder first into the ring post. Both women laid outside the ring before Yim rolled BelAir back into the ring and re-entering herself, just before the ref’s 10 count.

BelAir briefly regains control of the match as she looks to set up a powerbomb, tying up her hair so as not to repeat her mistake from their previous match. It did not matter as Yim countered into a guillotine choke, before BelAir powered out. A brief exchange followed before Yim hit a modified Eat defeat for the win.

The emotion of the win visible on her face, as she can finally move past he rival. This did well to highlight not just the skill of Yim, but also the potential of BelAir.

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