How to Become a Professional Fighter

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Becoming a professional fighter certainly isn’t the easiest career choice. It takes a whole lot of dedication as well as mental and physical strength to really make it as a professional fighter. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s completely impossible!

Before you start the journey towards your dream, it’s important to understand how committed to the sport you need to be and how to become a pro. So, if you are ready to embark on this journey then it’s time to read on…

Decide on your sport

Being a professional fighter gives you many options; whether you prefer wrestling or martial arts, there is a competition out there for you. WWE and UFC are the biggest shows out there that most professional fighters aspire to be a part of. UFC, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has become hugely popular with not only fighting fans but the general public too. The UFC is getting more recognition than ever with big brands such as Bud Light and PokerStars teaming up with the competition.

WWE has been incredibly popular for countless years now with video games even being made on the show. If you make it big on WWE, you will be immortalised forever as a video game character. So, whether it’s MMA or wrestling you prefer, your first port of call is to decide which one you want to go for.

Many WWE superstars have gone on to become MMA fighters so wrestling is a brilliant way to kickstart your professional fighting career. Dan “The Beast” Severn began as a WWE fighter before taking on MMA; he managed to make quite the impact despite it not being his first sport. Many other WWE stars have followed in his footsteps proving that the sky’s the limit!

Train, train and…train!

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If you are looking to make it into the world of professional fighting, you are going to need to make training your number one priority. You can’t just go to any old gym and take a few classes here and there. You need to find the best gym in your area that specializes in the particular area of fighting that you are looking to get into.

Gyms that specialize in professional fighting will also help to teach you how to make it in the industry. Behind every great fighter is a brilliant team that helped them get to where they are today. If your trainer was previously a professional fighter, even better! You can learn from their experience to help you succeed. Don’t be scared to learn multiple fighting styles at the gym too; this will only help you further on your journey to pro level.

Get experience

Whether you want to compete in the WWE or the UFC, you are going to need experience and a lot of it. To get the basis of the experience you need, you will need to join a professional wrestling or MMA school to really learn everything you need to know about the sport. This is on top of attending the very specific gym for your sport.

The next thing you will need to do is compete in smaller competitions and shows. This will help to really get your name out there and get you used to what fighting in front of an audience feels like. As you compete in bigger and bigger competitions, you might find that scouts are there watching so make sure that you are really putting on a good show and showing them what you’ve got.

Decide on your character

Professional Fighter
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Every professional fighter, especially in wrestling, has a ring name and character. You want to really put on a show and create an image for yourself. This is why working on your wrestling persona is so important. It’s a great way to build a fanbase and get yourself well-known in the community.

Marketing yourself as a professional fighter is a vital component to making it in the industry. The best thing is to just be yourself but by cranking up aspects of your personality to a new level. This will make your fighting character much more realistic. Do you have any other hobbies or passions? Why not amplify them and make them a part of your wrestling character?

Authentic characters are so much more effective than acting!

Take part in the professional wrestling trials

Whether you are looking to become a WWE fighter or compete in the UFC, both events have trials that you need to pass in order to make it on to the shows. One of the key things about WWE trials is that you have to look the part. You could be the best wrestler in the world but WWE is a show so you need to look marketable.

The day consists of more than just fighting in the ring. There will be a lot of interviews so you need to come across as a brilliant candidate for WWE in the interviews too. If you are ready to commit to the sport, follow these steps and you might just make it…


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