Chris Jericho Unveils New Finishing Move, The Judas Effect

Chris Jericho
Photo: AEW

For weeks now, Chris Jericho has been training at former WWE Superstar Dave Bautista‘s Gracie MMA Gym in Tampa, Florida ahead of his big match against Kenny Omega at All Elite Wrestling (AEW)‘s Double or Nothing in Las Vegas on May 25, 2019. On Saturday, Jericho revealed he’s adopted a new finishing move for his tenure in AEW, a spinning elbow strike he’s named “The Judas Effect”

Chris Jericho Unveils New Finishing Move

According to his MMA trainer, former Ultimate Fighter competitor and pro fighter Josh Rafferty, it’s a dangerous move indeed. “He picked up on the spin elbow really fast,” Rafferty said. “A lot of people don’t know, a spinning elbow technique is one of the most dangerous and deadly strikes in martial arts. Most martial arts don’t even teach it anymore, it’s that deadly.” A Muay Thai move, it became a popular move for Bellator fighter Gaston Bolanos.

It becomes the fourth finishing move for Chris Jericho over his career. He began with the Liontamer, a painfully executed raised Boston Crab, during his time in WCW, and when he moved to the WWE and it’s larger opponents (now that he wasn’t restricted to just Cruiserweights), he went with a more traditional Boston Crab, called The Walls of Jericho. Later on, he moved towards the Codebreaker, a double knee jawbreaker. And now, as he enters into his AEW career, he’s adding The Judas Effect to his arsenal. Jericho has always paid tribute to his heavy metal heroes in the past (Walls of Jericho and his own last name are drawn from Helloween‘s 1985 album, Walls of Jericho), so there’s a hint of Judas Priest in his new finishing move. Although it could also be a plug for his own band, as Fozzy released an album called Judas in late 2017, with the title track the first single earlier that year.


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