Tessa Blanchard Talks Mental Strength And Challenges Of Having The Blanchard Name

Tessa Blanchard
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On a recent edition of “Talk Is Jericho”, Tessa Blanchard was his guest, and the two discussed various topics about her in the business. Tessa went a bit in depth about mental strength and what it means to her to have that ability and how it’s helped her throughout her career. She then talks about having the name of Blanchard and the challenge behind having the name. Here’s what she said:

Tessa Blanchard on Talk is Jericho

“I dealt a lot early on, for instance, I broke my collar bone, and I had surgery, six screws and a plate… I was wrestling a girl at Lucha Underground. The girl that did this to me told me, Tessa, I didn’t have a last name in this business, I had to work for everything I have, and that’s what she told me…and things like that would happen quite often where a girl in Japan told me, Tessa, you’re only here because of your dad, and that would happen to me like left and right left and right, and one thing that I pride myself on is my mental strength, I think that, a lot of female can’t hold a candle to me when it comes to mental strength, because, that kind of shit doesn’t even go in one ear to go out the other, and I believe that if you have that mental strength you can take any situation and change the way that you think about it and make it a positive thing.”

“Those are kinds of things that would really eat you up, and I feel like, having a name sometimes is a little bit harder because, I never want to disappoint my grandpa, or my dad or my stepdad. I want to carry on their legacy and do them proud but also create on my own at the same time, and that’s really a difficult thing because there’s plenty of generational wrestlers who people say that about… and I was never going to let that be the case. I wanted to go and I wanted to drive the miles for no pay, I wanted to set up the rings, I wanted to set up the chairs, I wanted to go to training six, seven days a week for hours upon hours and blow myself up to where I could only work on instinct, I wanted to sleep in my car, I wanted to do all of that…I’ve always wanted to be great, I want to be the best at it, and my last name I’ve always said it might get my foot in the door, it might get me in front of the right people, it might get me an opportunity, but at the end of the day when I get in the ring it doesn’t do jack shit for me. It doesn’t take the bumps, it doesn’t drive the miles…”

Tessa Blanchard has quickly made a name for herself in the business in a very short amount of time. She is considered by many, one of the greatest workers in the industry. Her aggressive style in the ring has been a must-see and she’s been able to take her talent to such organizations such as IMPACT Wrestling, WOW Women Of Wrestling to name a couple. While her name is synonymous in the business with the legendary Tully Blanchard, one of the original Four Horsemen, Tessa has been more than able to set herself apart and become a main eventer anywhere she goes. To listen to the full interview, you can click here.


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