Bray Wyatt’s Cryptic Message From 2015 Revealed As Fire Fly Fun House Takes Dark Twist (VIDEOS)

Bray Wyatt
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Bray Wyatt finally made his return to WWE TV in late April after being off television since August of 2018, but during his absence, he continued to post cryptic tweets, seemingly from a mental asylum. When he made his return on April 22, it was in a vignette for an apparent new kids show called “Fire Fly Fun House”, featuring a rehabilitated Wyatt. Had the time in the asylum cured him of his darkness?

As the weeks progressed, Bray introduced characters like Mercy the Buzzard, Abby the Witch and Ramblin’ Rabbit. And each episode, it seemed like whatever therapy Wyatt had undergone – and possibly was still undergoing – was beginning to unravel.

On May 4, Bray Wyatt sent out a tweet that sent the internet sleuths on a treasure hunt. Wyatt revealed that in 2015, throughout eight consecutive backstage promos, he had placed one line of a dialogue, a promo that his subconscious was telling himself.

After a week of people retracing every promo that year, from both Raw and SmackDownBray finally revealed the cryptic message he had planted.

For your convenience, here is a look at the eight promos of mention, with full transcripts. The February 16 edition of Raw featured three short promos throughout the show. Transcriptions are taken from multiple research work down on

SmackDown (1/29/15)

What makes you smile?
Is it spending time with loved ones?
Is it money?
Perhaps it’s memory that you hold dear.
Maybe something nostalgic from your childhood.
But me, I’m different.
I find enjoyment in the types of things that your Mommy and Daddy have shielded from you your entire life.
Haha, I am not like you.
I’m different.
I’m legion amongst men.
I fear nothing.
Living or dead.
So I ask you, what makes you smile?
Because after what transpires next.
I promise, it will be hard for you to ever smile again.

Monday Night Raw (2/2/15)

I’ve been called many names in the past.
And you.
You may call me Bray.
‘Cause I’ve been watching you, man.
I’ve been watching you for quite some time now.
And OH, how they used to fear you.
Look what you done did.
You let all that fear turn into love and admiration.
But me, I’m a little bit different.
I am the new face of fear.
I am the dragon.
The devil is real, man, and he cannot wait to see you again.
I know you’re listening.
Find me.

SmackDown (2/5/15)

They say that a man is defined by his actions.
But I am no man.
I am everywhere.
I am everything.
I am the spirit of perpetual negation.
I am the reaper.
And what is it that makes you think that you are immune to me.
And that there would be no repercussions to your actions.
And maybe you think that your sins just don’t count.
But the eyes of a fool are blinded by pride and now the devil is knocking on your door.
Knock, knock knock.
He just wants you to come home.
Just let him in.
Let him in.
Let me in.

Monday Night Raw (2/9/15)

Since the dawn of their existence, mankind has struggled to answer one simple question.
Where do we go when we die?
A man of SCIENCE would have you believe that we just become one with the Earth, nothing more.
And a man of FAITH would view things from a much much different perspective.
But what about those like you and I?
We’re special.
For us there is no death.
You wanna hear a secret.
This world is our hell.
This world IS our hell.
We don’t belong here.
I know that you can hear me.
But now my eyes are wide open and I don’t fear you anymore.
I pity you.
It’s time for you to go home.
Find me.

Monday Night Raw (2/16/15)

What happened to you was such a tragedy.
What happened to you still stirs a rage deep down inside of me
And makes me wanna do horrible things.
Haha…And now look at you, you’re an empty shell..
And any fear that I once had of you has turned into nothing more than putrid, hateful pity.
It’s coming.

His hands may have created this world, but mine will destroy it.
Limbo is no place for a soul like yours.
I’m waiting for you…

What shakes the heart of a man that can never truly die?
(YELLING) I believe I’ve found the answer!
The answer lives within me.
The answer is the creature that lives behind my eyes.
The answer is Bray Wyatt.
Look around you, man.
There’s nowhere left to go.
The angel with the burnt wings cometh.
It’s time.
Find me.
Find me…
Or I’ll find you.

SmackDown (2/19/15)

There’s a –unclear– in the meadow,
A place you can’t hide
Walk with the reaper
Leave this world behind!
You like that song?
I sing it to all my pets
Right before I put em down
Time’s tickin man
And the angel, with the burned wings, is waving you on home
Find me
Or I’ll find you

With his “secret” now revealed, Bray promised that Monday’s episode of “Fire Fly Fun House” was going to be a very special one. As he promised to share another secret.

And what happened at Monday’s Raw from London, England presented the definitive crack in the psyche of Bray Wyatt following weeks of slipping. When the Mr. Rogers-esque Bray Wyatt revealed the darkness he held inside with the darkest twist we’ve seen yet in the “Fire Fly Fun House”.

With talk of Bray’s usage of therapy techniques and terms found in therapy for sufferers of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), it begs to question whether these vignettes are truly the new reality of Bray Wyatt post-therapy, or they’re the inner delusions of a man still being held in an asylum. But either way, “Fire Fly Fun House” continues to be the most sinister version of Bray Wyatt we’ve seen since he took over the vessel formerly known as Husky Harris.

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