Preview: DEFY Wrestling – Into the Fire (5/10/19)

Defy Into the Fire
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On Friday, May 10th, from Seattle, Washington DEFY Wrestling presents Into the Fire. The event has some exciting matches booked for this evening, though with that said as of this. The matches that are booked are ones that will turn heads. The good people of DEFY Wrestling have brought back a former MMA star that is growing in popularity as a singles wrestler, Chris Ridgeway. His teaming with DEFY mainstay Schaff is a clear indication that the promotion wants a match that is a hard-hitting affair. They square off against worldwide superstars Fenix and Penta El Zero M. Who will walk away as the winners and losers as DEFY wrestling presents Into the Fire?

DEFY Wrestling – Into the Fire (5/10/19)

The Uprising (Eli Surge & Judas Icarus) vs. Leon Negro & Sonico

Photo: DEFY

As a unit, the duo of Surge and Icarus have seamless teamwork that best represents exactly what DEFY Wrestling is all about. When we couple this with their opponents in Negro and Sonico fans are assured of being treated to a special showcase among both teams. Surge and Icarus have become notable additions to the DEFY Wrestling roster over the past year. They will be hard pressed to defeat the duo of the two luchadores in Sonico and Leon Negro who have captured the attention of the DEFYANCE faithful for some time now. Where will this place the winners in contention for the DEFY Worldwide / PCW ULTRA Tag Championships?

Guillermo Rosas vs. Travis Williams

Into the Fire
Photo: DEFY

For Rosas who has made DEFY his home since the ten-man elimination match at the promotions first anniversary. Despite being a singles match, the chances of him not having the aid of some of his Pride bretheren is unlikely. In comparison Rosas opponent’s time in DEFY has been with less but still meaningful regardless. Williams has been with DEFY since ironically he entered the ten-man elimination match at the promotions second anniversary. Fans can anticipate a highly competitive match between what appears to be the future of DEFY Wrestling.

Lucha Bros vs. Schaff and Chris Ridgeway

Into the Fire
Photo: DEFY 

It was originally slated to be a one on one match up between Penta El Zero M and the man they call Schaff but that changed. In a pre-recorded message Schaff informed fans that Penta El Zero M only competes as part of a tag team, and thus his approach to this match changed. It was up to him to find a partner, and he found someone that is familiar to the DEFYance faithful. A noted MMA competitor turned pro wrestler, ‘The Priority’ or ‘Smash Mouth’ has arrived. Liverpool native Chris Ridgeway competed for DEFY during their DEFY On Edge event in December 2018. And perhaps not coincidentally, his opponent at the time was Penta El Zero M, with whom he may now have a score to settle. The tag team dynamic here will be interesting to see, as the Lucha Bros are a very established team, while Schaff and Ridgeway are teaming for the first time.

DEFY Worldwide / PCW ULTRA Tag Championships: Warbeast vs American Gunz

Photo: DEFY

When a championship is on the line there is obviously a great deal that will be made of it since the champions are always at risk of losing their titles. Just to raise the stakes, this match has the distinction of having not just the DEFY Worldwide Tag Team Championships up for grabs, but the PCW ULTRA Tag Team championships as well. Ethan HD and Mike Santiago look to reclaim a championship that was once theirs while ushering in another championship as well. To do that they must stop Jacob Fatu and Josef Samuel, known as Warbeast. The duo has been running roughshod over the competition, and can now be seen in Major League Wrestling as part of the faction ContraUNIT. This duo hits first, hits often and doesn’t look back. For as successful as HD and Santiago may have been, they are facing likely the most dominant tag team to come through the territory in a number of years.

Tom Lawlor vs Randy Myers

Into the Fire
Photo: DEFY

This is a match that features quite the contrast in styles, even though the competitors bear some similarity in terms of personality. ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor has come to DEFY before, bringing with him his extensive history in MMA along with a championship acumen. As the current MLW Heavyweight champion and AIW Absolute Champion, Lawlor has been very active in pro wrestling, defending his championships against any challenger. Still, if the in-ring experience makes a huge difference then the ring psychology of Ravenous Randy Myers could prove to be too much for Lawlor. A veteran of 18 years and former trainee of Ross and Bruce Hart, Myers has a skill set that enables him to adjust and adapt to his opposition. Myers has made DEFY Wrestling one of his homes over the past few years, and he will surely not allow himself to be stepped on by the visiting Lawlor. ‘Ravenous’ Randy can easily claim the home field advantage in this matchup.


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