Preview: Beyond Wrestling – Uncharted Territory #6

Beyond Wrestling
Photo: Beyond Wrestling

For the last six weeks, Beyond has been putting out a weekly two-hour show called Uncharted Territory. Uncharted Territory is everything some other weekly shows aren’t. It manages to bring new and exciting matches every week from talent from all over. Beyond has it’s roster favorites like Chris Dickenson, Joey Janela, Solo Darling, and LAX but has also brought in talent from around the world like Mick Moretti, Ophidian and Butcher, and the Blade.  Now six episodes in Beyond is going to celebrate their ten-year anniversary the only way it knows how, a couple of great matches.

Beyond Wrestling – Uncharted Territory #6

Matt Cross vs Joey Janela

Photo: Beyond Wrestling

This is the first time these two independent favorites will face each other so it only makes sense for it to be in a Beyond ring. Joey Janela is about a month back from injury and has been having some of the best matches of career on a weekly basis. Janela spent the weekend in GCW battling Nick Gage and Orange Cassidy. Matt Cross is a high flying veteran who hangs around Beyond quite a bit. Joey has called this one of his last bucket list matches and anyone who has seen some of the other Joey Janela bucket list matches knows they are in for a treat.  

Josh Brigg vs Chris Dickinson

Beyond Wrestling
Photo: Beyond Wrestling

Chris Dickinson calls himself the Ace of Beyond and he certainly has every right to. Dickinson has been called the backbone of Beyond, which is also well earned. Dickenson has appeared on five of the six Uncharted Territories. This weekend Chris Dickinson came out as the winner of the Beyond Battle Bowl at Lethal Lottery, allowing him to pick his opponent at Americanrana ‘19. Dickinson announced he would be facing Daisuke Sekimoto at Beyond’s biggest show of the year on July 28th.

One of the best parts of Uncharted Territory was Josh Briggs on commentary. While Briggs was injured he took over mic duties with Paul Crockett and was a natural and actually very funny so it will be a shame to see him go. Luckily, he is coming back to wrestle. Before getting injured Josh Briggs announced, almost a year ago, at Americanrana ‘18 that he wanted to go on the longest winning streak in Beyond history (the current record is Kimber Lee with 18 months undefeated). The only hiccup was a DQ finish during the Treasure Hunt Tournament when David Starr interfered with the match attacking Briggs’ opponent Chris Dickenson. Josh Briggs will be looking to get his win back from Dickenson.

This match is exciting for a lot of reasons. First, these are just two big dudes who are going to go all out for this match. Josh Briggs also tweeted out that you couldn’t find two men who cared more about Beyond and it is true. Both wrestlers appear regularly at Beyond and are absolute fan favorites. It makes perfect sense for them to wrestle on Beyond’s ten year anniversary because they are both integral parts of Beyond’s past and future.

Discovery Gauntlet: Thomas Santell vs ?????

One of the most interesting parts of Uncharted Territory is the Discovery Gauntlet. The idea is to get young and upcoming wrestlers facing each other weekly. The winner of the match gets to stay until next week. It is an exciting way to bring in loads of new talent every week. Mick Moretti owned the gauntlet for its first three weeks only to be beaten by LD Mantis Montesanti. Mantis was then beaten by Thomas Santell. Santell is looking to keep his gauntlet going but he has no way to prep for this upcoming match. It will be interesting to see who Beyond picks to face off with Santell.

Independent Wrestling Championship Match: Orange Cassidy (c) vs Jordynne Grace

If you told anyone a year ago that not only would Orange Cassidy be the Independent Wrestling Champion but also that he weekly puts on some of wrestlings best matches on a weekly basis, they might have been surprised. Orange Cassidy is known as kind of a slacker who never really wants to wrestle. On New Year’s Eve, he beat Tracy Williams in an absolute classic of a match and has been having equally as good matches weekly. Cassidy has become a staple on Uncharted Territory. His week three match against Kylie Rae is a must watch if you haven’t seen it.

This match calls back to week one of Uncharted Territory where Jordynne and Orange faced off in a tag team match with mystery partners, Grace picked Brian Cage while Orange picked Session Moth. Grace’s team picked up the win putting her on the list to challenge for the Independent Wrestling Championship.

Death Match: Rickey Shane Page vs Eric Ryan

Photo: Beyond Wrestling

Beyond is going to celebrate ten years like any wrestling promotion would, an all-out brawl of a death match. Rickey Shane Page is a co-founder of Beyond and helped put its name on the map. Eric Ryan only 5 days removed from a BRUTAL GCW death match against Orin Veidt at Last Ones Left (check that match out if you can). Both men have promised this is going to be a war and you would expect nothing less. What other weekly show is having a death match in the middle of the week?

Beyond always has lots of unannounced surprises so expect some more stuff than just what is announced. Plus Beyond has mentioned that they want to pay tribute to all of the people who have helped them last this long so expect lots of special guests to help Beyond kick off their tenth year of making some of the best American wrestling. Seriously, though if you have not checked out Beyond tonight would be a good night to. With so many complaints about a certain major company’s weekly show Beyond provides a refreshing two hours of fantastic wrestling.


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