May The Fourth Be With You: Star Wars & Pro Wrestling

Star Wars
Photo: WWE

It’s May the 4th, which has universally been accepted as “Star Wars Day” due it’s resemblance to the Star Wars slogan “May the force be with you”. And while May the 4th brings out the inner Star Wars fan in millions of fans around the world, even the world of professional wrestling isn’t immune to the allure of an intergalactic battle in a galaxy far, far away. Here’s a look at some memorable Star Wars inspired moments throughout wrestling’s history.

All Japan Summer Action Series, 1979

In the summer of 1979, All Japan Pro Wrestling ran a tour called Summer Action series, that featured two masked men as characters inspired by Star Wars’ two lovable droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO. Named The Robot R2 and The Robot C-3, the pair worked tag team matches. While C-3 is still a mystery, R2 was played by Mexican luchador El Rebelde.

The Shockmaster, 1993

Photo: WWE

When former WWF Superstar Tugboat/Typhoon made the jump to WCW, no one was prepared for the repackaging he would receive. The brother in law of WCW star and booker Dusty Rhodes, he would became a legend based on one unintentionally hilarious debut at WCW’s Clash of Champions. While not Star Wars based in character, his infamous helmet was a Stormtrooper helmet covered in silver sparkles!

Michinoku Pro, Great Space War

Photo: Michinoku Pro

Another Japanese company has used Star Wars themed wrestlers and it was Michinoku Pro, who holds an event called the Great Space War every year.

John Cena’s Star Wars Promo, 2012

On a 2012 episode of Raw in June, John Cena turned his fight against then-authority figure John Lauriniatis into a Star Wars-themed promo, comparing the “People Power” magnate to Emperor Palpatine.

Layla’s Princess Leia Halloween Costume, 2012

Star Wars
Photo: WWE

For Halloween in 2012, multiple WWE Superstars shared their Halloween costumes on the WWE Website, but it was former Divas Champion Layla who caught fans’ attention as Princess Leia from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

The Force Choke Slam, 2016

During an indie watch with Beyond Wrestling in 2016, one wrestler used a Force Choke to administer a Force Choke Slam to his opponent.

Leva Bates vs Thunder Rosa, 2017

Star Wars
Photo: AWS

At an Alternative Wrestling Show event in 2017, cosplay specialist Leva Bates and Thunder Rosa competed in a Star Wars themed match.

John Cena’s Darth Vader Squat, 2018

Last year, 16x WWE World Champion John Cena got in on the action, doing a Darth Vader inspired workout on May 4th day.

WWE Feels The Force

Star Wars
Photo: WWE

Last year for May 4th, WWE recreated many memorable moments throughout their history by superimposing light sabres into their images.

Photo: WWE

Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins Star Wars Day Pin, 2019

The reigning Raw Tag Team Champions Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins co-host a wrestling figure podcast, The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast, as well as their web series, and this year they’ve released a special edition pin featuring Ryder and Hawkins as Luke and Yoda from Empire Strikes Back.


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