Preview: OTT Contenders 14 (4/21/19)

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While Over The Top Wrestling (OTT) continue their search for a new regular venue in Dublin they are back to the old reliable Ringside Club for Contenders 14.  This is a loaded Contenders lineup as Mark Haskins defends the GN Title, Sugar Dunkerton debuts, Hyperstreak also makes his OTT return after a spell wrestling in China and the usual Irish suspects fill out the rest of the card as Irish Wrestling takes center stage.

More Than Hype (LJ Cleary, Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin) vs Club Tropicana (Aidan & Captain Sexsea) & Fabulous Nicky

Contenders 14
Photo: OTT

More Than Hype got back to winning ways at ScrapperMania 5 when they defeated former OTT Tag Team Champions The Rapture (Zack Gibson, Sha Samuels & Charlie Sterling) and now look to continue this wave of momentum against Tropicana with their newest ally Nicky.  Tropicana subbed into the tag team world cup match at the last minute and more than held their own against some of the best tag teams in the world.  Tropicana made their name off the back of comedy and being hilarious but have recently found their groove as a bonafide talented tag team and will look to prove this against More Than Hype.  This is round two between these two teams as they met previously at OTT The Ring Really Tied The Room Together when Colt Cabana teamed with Tropicana and helped them get the win.

Gavin Fitz vs Curtis Murray

Contenders 16
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Gavin Fitz needs to prove himself and what better way to do it than by facing the NLW Champion.  His Mongrels teammates Eddie Stone and Russell Dempster are growing tired of him losing matches for their team.  For the good of his faction and their future Fitz needs to win this.  Curtis Murray won’t make it easy, ever since his change in attitude and joining Steven Carvel the champion has been willing to take any shortcut he can get.

Scotty Davis vs Hyperstreak

Contenders 14
Photo: OTT

This isn’t the first time Davis and Hyperstreak have shared an OTT ring.  All the way back at Contenders 3 in 2017 the two were involved in a triple threat match, also involving LJ Cleary.  Since then both men have developed as wrestlers as Hyperstreak spent some time in China and wrestled a dark match for Ring Of Honor.  Davis has changed completely and developed his in ring style to include his shooting skills and become one of the best wrestlers in Ireland.   Streak wrestles a high speed style, as the name would suggest, and has traveled all over the world in his nine-year career and will pose a threat to Davis and his shoot style.

Chris Ridgeway vs Calum Black

Contenders 14
Photo: OTT

My chest gets sore just looking at the competitors in this match. Hard As F**k Chris Ridgeway and the Undeniable Calum Black are two of the hardest hitters on the scene right now.  Black can unleash a killer lariat at any moment and Ridgeway is always ready and waiting to kick his opponent’s chest in.  The excitement is off the charts for this one as two men with something to prove go to battle.

Sugar Dunkerton & Session Moth Martina vs Valkyrie & CT Flexor

Sugar Dunkerton makes his OTT debut and he has found the perfect partner for his debut.  Dunkerton has become extremely popular in the UK, specifically Tidal Wrestling where he is their most popular babyface.  The charismatic man loves to enjoy himself and the Session Moth Martina will only help him in that goal.  They take on a makeshift team of Valkyrie and Flexor as Debbie Keitel was unavailable for the show.  Flexor has worked mainly a tag wrestler as a part of Rough Stuff so he will bring tag team experience to the team, even if Valkyrie isn’t happy with the situation.

GN Championship- Mark Haskins (c) vs Terry Thatcher

Contenders 14
Photo: OTT

Contenders is the house that Terry Thatcher built.  The Irish Wrestling veteran has made the Ringside Club his venue with his fairytale run to the NLW Championship taking place in this venue.  Now he looks to dethrone Ring Of Honor star and former OTT World Champion Mark Haskins.  Haskins is a veteran of the UK wrestling scene and has achieved a lot in his career with multiple world championships under his belt and several contracts with major US companies.  Contrast that to Thatcher who went under the radar for far too long but has finally made people aware of just how good he is.  At Homecoming 2 Haskins defended his GN title against Thatcher and Andrew Everett when he stole the win from under Thatcher’s nose.  This has fired Thatcher up as he is unhappy and wants to defeat Haskins and take his title.


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