Mark Henry and B. Brian Blair Set Up GoFundMe for WWF Legend Kamala

Photo: WWE

Former WWE Superstar B. Brian Blair – best remembered as one half of the Killer Bees tag team – along with WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry, have partnered together to set up and promote a GoFundMe campaign for former WWE Legend Kamala. Kamala, real name James Harris, is a double amputee due to diabetes and with health care costs has fallen on hard times once again. According to the GoFundMe page, Kamala has fallen behind on property taxes is on the verge of losing his house.

Per the GoFundMe Page:

Dear Friends, Many of you were entertained in the world of professional wrestling by”Kamala” the Ugandan Giant, aka James Harris. James is in desperate need right now to spare his home. If his taxes are not paid in full by April 15th, the county will take his home, as verified by the Tate County, MS Tax collector. James “Kamala” Harris is a double amputee and must go to dialyses 3 times per week, for his diabetes. Even though James made decent money in the wrestling industry, there is proof that he often did not receive the same payoffs as many of his opponents. Why? Was it because he was a “Yes” man to the promoters? Maybe his race in some instances? Could it be his unbelievable kindness to everyone? I don’t know the answers but I do know that James, his wife and family need us all right now! I humbly implore you to donate whatever moves your heart, to save the Harris residence…it’s basically all that they have, other than a Ford Excursion with almost 400,000 miles on it and a lot of love in their hearts. My deepest gratitude, the Harris family’s deepest gratitude and may you be blessed for your kindness! Sincerely, B Brian Blair

You can help by clicking the link below:

Kamala started in the Texas territories of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) in the late 1970s as Suger Bear Harris before being repackaged in the early 1980s as the Giant Kimala in Memphis. By 1983, he was working Mid South as Kamala and in 1984 headed to WWF where he became a threat to WWF World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan. He remained with the WWF until 1987, before heading to Mexico to work for CMLL, All Japan Pro Wrestling in Japan, and working for Memphis and the AWA in the US. He briefly returned to the WWF from 1992 until 1993 and had a short run in WCW in 1995. Due to increasing complications with his diabetes, he retired in 2010. His left leg was amputated in 2011 and the following year, his right leg was removed as well.

When Hulk Hogan’s racist tirade was revealed, Kamala was one of the many African-American peers who came to Hogan’s defense, stating in a 2015 interview that “He genuinely cared about me,” Kamala said. “That’s not the Hogan I know…he was my friend. He’d tell me, ‘Brother, I’m getting my money. I hope you’re getting yours because you’re putting asses in the seats…I’m not mad at him at all,” he continued. “Deep down, he’s really not like that. He’s a super-nice guy. I don’t believe he’s a racist at all, no matter what he said.”


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