Allie Pays The Ultimate Price As The Dark War Ends (VIDEO)

Photo: KCliver Photography

It was an expected end to some degree, as Allie was moving on to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), but on Friday’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Allie made her farewell in IMPACT Wrestling as the ultimate casualty of the Dark War that has encompassed Rosemary, Allie, Su Yung and Keira Hogan for the past year. After recapturing Dark Allie, Rosemary returned her to the Undead Realm to reclaim Allie’s soul, only to encounter Father James Mitchell once again. Rosemary had to fight her way through an army of evil creatures, including Luchasaurus, before Mitchell’s “Boss” arrived. “The Boss” was revealed to be former WCW Superstar Kevin Sullivan, who distracted Rosemary as Su Yung attempted to kill her with bladed gloves a la Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street. Rosemary moved and the blades pierced Allie’s neck, who died in Rosemary’s arms, although not before Allie returned to her old self and vanished to Bunny Heaven.

It was a sad finale to the entire Dark War saga, as Rosemary now moves in the IMPACTverse without her Bunny, but in the RISEverse, the two continue to intertwine. At RISE Legendary on Friday night, Rosemary was guiding Paradise Lost in their Guardians of RISE Tag Team Championships defense, only to be distracted by a returning Cherry Bomb (Allie’s pre-IMPACT persona).

Shortly after IMPACT ended, Allie took to Twitter to say her goodbyes and thank yous to the IMPACT fans.


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