Cain Velasquez Signs With AAA, Will Compete at Triplemania XXVII

Photo: AAA

AAA Lucha Libre held a press conference for Triplemania XXVII where it was announced that former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Cain Velasquez, has joined the promotion and will compete at Triplemania XXVII. Owner Dorian Roldán was first introduced and opened the presser by quickly going over AAA’s last major event, Rey De Reyes where All Elite Wrestling was involved in a big way to further cement the two companies’ partnership.

Cain Velasquez Signs with AAA

Dorian Roldán then introduced Cain Velasquez to the crowd of reporters and fans. Velasquez to everyones surprise talked about his love for pro wrestling and talked about Lucha Libre being a great sport. Dorian quickly announced that Cain Velasquez will be a part of the companies biggest event of the year, Triplemania XXVII. Dorian addressed the contract situation as contract between AAA, T.V. Azteca and Velasquez.

The press quickly asked who Cain’s opponent was going to be but Dorian did not give a straight answer, replying with there are a lot of options, however, nothing was decided just yet. The question was brought to Cain if he still thought Lucha Libre was still fake. This was brought due to statements Velasquez made several weeks ago to another media outlet stating that Lucha Libre was fake. This brought an uproar to some of the talents in the AAA locker room, most notably, LA Park. Cain stated that WWE wrestling is fake but the Lucha style is a more tougher and real.

When asked what the status was on his UFC deal, Cain mentioned that he has about 2-3 more fights left. He was then quickly interrupted by AAA talent, Texano, when he went towards Cain’s direction. This was followed by a pull apart, Psycho Clown interrupted the presser this time and mentioned the respect he had for Cain and his accomplishments in Mixed Martial Arts. Pentagon Jr. followed with an interruption as well and said he was open to a one-on-one match or a tag match with Velasquez.

The Presser concludes with all four men taking pictures for the press. AAA has yet to confirm how Velasquez would be involved in Triplemania, but we should know more in the coming months. Cain Velasquez working with AAA Lucha Libre is considered to be huge deal within the pro wrestling world.

Cain Velasquez is considered one of UFC’s greatest Heavyweights of all time. You may know who he is for being the man who beat Brock Lesnar for the UFC Heavyweight Title back at UFC 121 on October 23rd, 2010. Velasquez quickly sent shock waves throughout the MMA world for decisively knocking out Lesnar in the first round at 4 minutes and 12 seconds. Velasquez, is also close friends with current UFC Heavyweight Champion, Daniel “D.C.” Cormier. Cain Velasquez made news earlier this year when it was rumoured that he may join the WWE due to training at the WWE Performance Center. Velasquez also returned to MMA from a long hiatus for UFC earlier back in February of this year.


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