Report: Sadie Gibbs Joins AEW

Photo: Stardom

All Elite Wrestling had been hyping up a new member of the women’s division that was set to be revealed on the next episode of Road to Double or Nothing.  Dave Meltzer may have broken the news early as he is reporting that AEW has signed Sadie Gibbs.

If she does join Gibbs would strengthen a women’s division already boasting Britt BakerNyla RoseBea PriestleyPenelope Ford, and Kylie Rae.  Gibbs would add something unique as she is the best female high flier in the world today.

Many people may be wondering who Sadie Gibbs is, and that is a completely valid question as Gibbs has yet to make her big breakthrough on the indies.  26-year-old Gibbs has a background in gymnastics and CrossFit, which are evident in her in-ring style, and only debuted in late 2017.  While she is still new to wrestling she has shown big potential, she has mostly been wrestling all around Europe to hone her skills but has not yet made it to any major promotion.

Her career highlight has to be her run in Stardom from early 2019 where she joined Hana Kimura’s Multinational army and got to share the ring with the likes of Mayu Iwatani, Utami Hayashishita and Jungle Kyona among others.  Gibbs did well in Japan with her athleticism and signature Sasuke Special helping her stand out from the pack


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