I, Dana: Dana Brooke Challenges Ronda Rousey

Photo: WWE

On the March 11 edition of Monday Night Raw, Ronda Rousey came out and cut a searing promo. As has become common for her, she ran down her WrestleMania opponents and disrespected the fans. Ronda called wrestling fake as she has taken to and said she would desecrate the temple of wrestling fans, the ring. Unexpectedly, she was confronted not by Becky Lynch or Charlotte Flair, but Dana Brooke. Dana strode confidently onto the stage with a microphone in hand. This Dana was very different than the one we are used to seeing. She appeared in her ring gear, but with minimal makeup and her long blond hair in a simple ponytail. And when she raised the microphone to her lips, Dana unleashed Ashley Sebara.

The real woman behind the character Dana Brooke came pouring out of the speakers. She took Ronda to the task, echoing the sentiments of many fans about Ronda. Dana has had a rough couple of years, personally and professionally. When there are many stars to a division, it’s hard for the rest of the locker room to break out and get television time. Dana echoed her own struggles to find her footing in the WWE Women’s Division. She also stood up for the real girls and women of the WWE Universe who look for role models to look up to. Dana then challenged Ronda, knowing exactly what would happen when she and the Baddest Woman on the Planet hooked up.

Ronda easily overpowered the smaller Brooke, tossing her easily with judo throws. Dana wouldn’t give up though, and it took referees to separate the two. What many fans have been yearning for is more genuineness. Dana delivered that, you could feel her words and the passion behind them. It was also a message they could identify with, that no matter what you should always stand up for what you believe in. Even if they can destroy you. Now Dana has been given the chance to challenge Ronda in a match, for the RAW Women’s Championship.

A second statement was released by Brooke on social media over the weekend. It echoed the sentiment of the first, that of gratuity and thankfulness. Dana also promised to fight her hardest against the Baddest Woman on the Planet to show her that she won’t back down. Many forget that while Ronda is strong, so is Dana. The former bodybuilder and gymnast tends to be overlooked in favor of wrestlers with larger personalities. Dana Brooke made her wrestling debut back in 2014 and just as she grinds away in the gym daily to get better, she’s been working hard at getting better in the ring as well. Her stint with Titus Worldwide gave us a glimpse into the fun-loving side of her personality.

Since leaving Titus Worldwide, Dana Brooke has struggled to find her place in the RAW Women’s Division. Now she’s done being overlooked. She’s over having opened her arms, locker room and wrestling family to someone like Ronda who didn’t appreciate it. In fact, she pretended to be part of it just to move in and destroy it. On March 18th, on Monday Night RAW with the entire WWE Universe looking on, Ronda will have to defend her “fake” championship against Dana Brooke.


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