Joey Ryan and “Session Moth” Martina Lead Squads in “Filthiest Match at Mania Weekend”

Photo: WrestleCon

As WrestleMania week comes close to fruition, all the indie events around WWE’s Showcase of the Immortals are finalizing and announcing matches for their special events. On Friday April 5, Joey Ryan is throwing his own event, Joey Ryan’s Penis Party, presented by WrestleCon, which is sure to have some sleazy special matches. In what could be the main event, Ryan himself announced a battle of the sexes 6-person inter-gender tag team match, which was deemed “the sleaziest match of Mania weekend” in a retweet from one of the participants, Irish indie darling Martina “The Session Moth”. And she’s not wrong.

Team Joey Ryan

Photo: WSW

Joey Ryan is no stranger to bringing the sleaze to indie wrestling. The self-proclaimed “King of Dong Style” has been one of the most polarizing characters of the past few years, using the power of his penis to propel him to stardom. But his trio unit for the 6-person challenge are no small packages themselves.

Photo: WWE

For his team, Joey Ryan has selected two Canadian wrestlers who are known for their own sexually charged personalities, starting with a former 2x WWE Intercontinental Champion who also dallied as a “porn star”. That’s right, one of Ryan’s teammates is “The Big Valbowski” himself, Val Venis. Venis doesn’t wrestle often, usually a couple times a year, since his departure from the WWE in 2008, but we’re sure he’ll rise to the occasion.

Photo: IWS

The third man in the group is a 21-year veteran of the Quebec indies, Sexxxy Eddy. “The Triple X Sex XXXpress” is a longtime regular with Montreal’s International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS), where he was an early tag partner of LuFisto in the Missionaries of Violence, and is a 4x IWS World Heavyweight Champion. He also had a run with Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) in the mid-2000s, where he won the CZW Junior Heavyweight Championship.

Team Session Moth

Martina has become of Ireland’s top wrestling exports, bringing her bants and her sessions around the world, as a top star in the UK indie scene, as well as tours with Japan’s Stardom. A comedic wrestler at heart, with her cans of beer at her side and constantly looking for someone to bants on, she’s also an underrated grappler. But she’s assembled a team ready for the fight against Ryan’s dick squad.


Her first partner is IMPACT Wrestling‘s resident “Smoke Show”, Scarlett Bourdeaux, who is gearing up for her own IMPACT debut in an intergender match against former WCW Superstar¬†Disco Inferno. But don’t let that fool you into thinking she’s still green – while she’s still to make her in-ring debut with IMPACT, she’s been wrestling on the indies for years now, including Ring of Honor‘s Women of Honor, SHIMMER, Mexico’s AAA, and her hometown Chicago’s All American Wrestling (AAW). And now that she’s on a quest to bring sexy back to pro wrestling, she’ll be looking to help Martina’s squad prove that the women are mightier than the swords.

Photo: Modern Myth

The third member of Martina’s squad is someone that has been one of the indie’s top women’s stars for the past year now, in EVOLVE‘s Priscilla Kelly. A former Shine Nova Champion, Kelly was also a part of the 2018 WWE Mae Young Classic. She gained some notoriety online in recent months, first with a spot that involved a tampon, and then over Super Bowl weekend, when she vomited on her opponent at the Ultimate Bar Brawl. This is just the secret weapon that Team Session Moth needs for a match like this.


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