Preview: Beyond Wrestling Treasure Hunt Tournament (2/24/19)

Photo: Beyond

Beyond Wrestling is already one of the biggest (actual) independent wrestling companies in the United States. With the announcement of their new weekly live show Uncharted Territory airing on, it looks like they will only be growing bigger. Before they kick off the new series they will be having what could be their last weekend show for a long time.

Photo: Beyond

The Treasure Hunt Tournament will be that last event. The tournament will feature 8 competitors facing off for a Beyond Medallion that can be cashed in at any time for a shot at Orange Cassidy’s Independent Wrestling Championship. The card features a lot of Beyond regulars who will most likely be a focal point of the upcoming weekly show. The first round also features one of Beyond’s specialties, four intergender matches will kick off the tournament along with a few nontournament matches and some other surprises.

Solo Darling vs Josh Briggs

Photo: Beyond

This matchup is interesting because it is one of the biggest men in the tournament facing off against one of the smallest. It is also two of the favorites to win the whole thing facing off against each other. Josh Briggs announced at the last Americanrana ‘18 that he would go on the longest winning streak in all of Beyond history. To do that he would have to win this tournament and beat Orange Cassidy for the title. Solo Darling made quite a name for herself in 2018 and looks to continue on that momentum. She has some of the strongest kicks in the game and has really grown into her own on the CHIKARA roster. Either of these two could go on to win the entire tournament so this should be an interesting match.

Wheeler YUTA vs Jordynne Grace

Photo: Beyond

This match is the two winners of the 2017 Tournament for Tomorrow facing off against each other. They are also two of the most likable wrestlers on Beyond’s roster. It should be a big styles clash between the two. Jordynne Grace is more of a power move kind of wrestler. Wheeler YUTA, on the other hand, is quick and sticks to submissions as most of his offense. This is another matchup that there is no odds on favorite either of these two could easily go on to win the entire tournament.

Chris Dickinson vs Willow Nightingale

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Expect this match to be hard-hitting for one. Chris Dickinson is the face of Beyond Wrestling and he will surely be a staple in the upcoming Uncharted Territory. Willow Nightingale is starting to really make a name for herself a win here in the opening round against Dickinson would be a huge bump in momentum. Both these two will not go down without a fight. Both have a lot of power behind their offense. Chris Dickinson might be a slight favorite but Nightingale certainly could surprise the Beyond crowd.

Kris Statlander vs David Starr

Photo: Beyond

If you have not seen Kris Statlander wrestle you are in for a treat. This alien from outer space has some of the most gravity-defying offense in all of wrestling. She has become somewhat of a regular in Beyond Wrestling and it is easy to picture her having a match with Independent Champion Orange Cassidy. David Starr has of course been on fire all over the world but mostly in Great Britain lately. Starr will be looking to win the tournament to get revenge on Orange Cassidy who beat David for an absolute classic Beyond match for a title shot (seriously watch this match).

The line up for the entire tournament is so good it is hard to guess who will be the eventual winner. Any of these 8 wrestlers would have a fantastic match against Orange Cassidy. Expect the winner on one of the early episodes of Uncharted Territory that starts April 3rd on

Lisa Marie Varon vs Anthony Greene

Photo: Beyond

In the only non-tournament match announced will also be an intergender match between the former WWE wrestler Victoria facing off against the “Retrosexual” Anthony Greene. Lisa Marie Varon announced she would be retiring from wrestling soon but will still stop by Beyond for this match. The rookie Antony Greene is a fun and interesting wrestler who is looking to have a breakout 2019.

Expect a few surprise matches on this card as well because it is a tournament and there will need to be matches in between for tournament winners to rest.



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