FSW and LA Lucha Announce Two Night Tournament


Future Stars of Wrestling (FSW) and LA Lucha from Los Angeles, CA announced on Tuesday a two-night tournament featuring the top stars from both promotions. It will have a field of 16, and tentatively four qualifying matches with certain wrestlers receiving automatic bids. It’s a single elimination format with day one held in Los Angeles hosted by LA Lucha and Day 2, will be in the Fight Capital at the FSW Arena.

The shows in LA and Las Vegas will be called Limitless and continue the partnership that was announced last month between the two companies. They ran back to back shows for the first time featuring competitors from both brands. FSW Owner Joe DeFalco confirmed that he was the one who initiated the relationship last year.

LA Lucha owner Anthony Pastor talked to Last Word on Sports in January and said “it benefits Joe and I to work together and share talent. The talent secures another consistent booking which is money in their pocket. Splitting flights with Joe saves us money and allows east coast/out of country talent come in a showcase a match. It opens doors and makes things a little bit easier. This is Wrestling. I love it! It’s all about having fun and putting on a good show.”

FSW has built arguably the strongest roster out west featuring recent MLW signing Hammerstone, FSW Champion Chris Bey, Tag Champs One Percent, Sefa Fatu (son of Rikishi), Damian Drake, Shogun Jones and last but not least IMPACT Knockouts Champion and FSW Women’s Queen Taya Valkyrie. More talent from California has been booked on FSW shows with guys like “Uptown” Andy Brown, “Relentless” Douglas James, “The Superstar” Jake Atlas, “The Flip Artist” Matt Vandagriff, Adrian Quest, Eli Everfly and “Flash over Smash Practitioner” Tyler Bateman. This tournament will have a deep field and may feature multiple Champions.

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