Preview: Stardom Queen’s Festival (2/17/19)

Photo: Stardom

Stardom run Korakuen Hall with an exciting tag team championship match and Oedo Tai debuting a new member and having Hazuki defend her High Speed Championship.

Match 1: STARS (Starlight Kid & Hanan) vs JAN (Ruaka & Saya Iida) vs Rina & Hina

A three way tag team match featuring the young contingent of STARS and JAN.  Kid, Hanan and Ruaka will be tasked with carrying the three rookies to a decent match.  Expect Kid or Ruaka to get the win over either Rina or Hina in what will be a decent opener.

Match 2: STARS (Saki Kashima & Alex Gracia) vs Multinational Army (Hana Kimura & Bobbi Tyler)

Photo: Stardom

Two of Stardom’s regular performers teaming with newer talents on their first tour.  Gracia has spent most of the tour getting pinned but Kashima is currently an Artist Of Stardom champion and a former Goddesses Of Stardom champion and would be more protected than Kimura.  Kimura is very hot and cold and since Sadie Gibbs left her group she has mostly been losing matches with Tyler.  Gracia or Tyler will take the pin here.

Match 3: Konami vs Jamie Hayter

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Queen’s Quest vs Oedo Tai matchup.  Konami is a protege of Kana (now Asuka in the WWE) and thus follows the Kana method of kicking the daylights out of her opponents and wrestling barefoot.  Hayter is a natural to Joshi and a real heel, she fought hard against Momo Watanabe in a Wonder Of Stardom championship match recently and will feel confident of beating a younger talent.

Match 4: High Speed Championship: Hazuki (c) vs AZM

Photo: Stardom

Queen’s Quest vs Oedo Tai matchup.  Hazuki is making the second defense of her recently won High Speed championship.  As the name suggests the title is made for athletic wrestlers to have fast paced matches that excite the crowd.  AZM has been improving these sequences in the buildup to this match in multi man tags and even shocked everyone and got a win over Hazuki in the build to this match.  Hazuki won’t want to lose to someone as young as AZM but wouldn’t care as she doesn’t even want the High Speed Championship.

Match 5: Oedo Tai (Kagetsu & X) vs JAN (Natsuko Tora & Jungle Kyona)

Photo: Stardom

This match will mostly be built around the new Oedo Tai member.  Whoever it is they have a tough task in their debut match as they face JAN’s best team of Tora and Kyona.  It would make sense for “X” to get the win in her debut and claim a big win over a former Goddesses Of Stardom winning team.

Match 6: Goddesses Of Stardom: Queen’s Quest (Momo Watanabe & Utami Hayashishita) (c) vs AMA (Mayu Iwatani & Arisa Hoshiki)

Photo: Stardom

The superteam of Watanabe and Hayashishita have taken Stardom by storm.  For newer fans think Two Man Power Trip done very well.  The big rookie Hayashishita holds four titles right now and is yet to suffer defeat in her career, her and new Ace of Stardom and double title holder Momo Watanabe have former an unstoppable dream team that has collected belts for Queen’s Quest.  The champions face a tag team that formed in Stardom’e early days.  Hoshiki and Iwatani were a team during Hoshiki’s short run in Stardom, since then Iwatani has won every title there is and become the Stardom icon while Hoshiki hasn’t lost a step and still has some of the most lethal kicks in Joshi.  Hoshiki and Watanabe is a battle of two kickers which could lead to a future Wonder Of Stardom title match.  As for who wins, it’s a mystery, the super team could continue their winning ways or the veterans could claim a win and start taking apart Queen’s Quest dominance.


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