“Now There’s Two of These Little F**kers?”: Logan Stunt Makes His Debut

Photo: Logan Stunt's Facebook

Last year, one of the unexpected breakout stars of the US indie stars was diminutive high flyer Marko Stunt. The 22-year-old from Olive Branch, Mississippi was a regional star in the Southern indies, debuting in 2015 and working for the likes of his home promotion, Pro Wrestling EGO and Missouri’s¬†Cape Championship Wrestling (CCW). But an appearance last year for Game Changer Wrestling (GCW)‘s Joey Janela’s Lost In New York changed everything. In a shocking upset of KTB, Marko Stunt became a viral sensation. The acrobatic aerialist pulled out some crazy moves and within minutes, Marko’s GIFs were being shared around the Twitterverse like a blunt at Matt Riddle‘s house on April 20. He was quickly announced as an entrant in the Battle Royal for All In, announced as an injury replacement for the 2018 Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG) Battle of Los Angeles, and began working for the likes of All American Wrestling (AAW), Bar Wrestling, Black Label Pro, and PCW ULTRA, and got on TV with Major League Wrestling (MLW). Marko Stunt was the new “it boy” of the US indies. And then tragedy struck.

Last November, at GCW’s Joey Janela’s LA Confidential in Los Angeles (the same event that saw David Arquette face Nick Gage), during a match against Eli Everfly, an errant move resulted in Marko breaking his leg. His 2018 was over prematurely and surgery awaited. Marko’s full ascension to the upper tier of the US indies would have to be delayed. But this past Sunday, he made a return to the ring in support of someone he’s all too familiar with: his younger brother, Logan Stunt, with Tennessee’s Revive Pro Wrestling at Heart Shaped Box. The two Stunts would later team up and attack Brett Ison, a rival of Marko’s. Logan had made his pro wrestling debut the night before at the Making Towns February Fracus event.

With Marko Stunt looking to be getting closer to ring action himself after three months away from the sport, you can bet that he’ll pick up where he left off, with legions of new fans awaiting the return of “Mr. Fun Size”. And now that his brother, “The Bite-Sized¬†Brawler” has entered the community as well, he’ll now have eyes on him as well to see how he holds up against his brother’s increasing spotlight.



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