Eviction Notice: Natalie Eva Marie Sent Home on Day 24 of Celebrity Big Brother

Natalie Eva Marie Celebrity Big Brother
Credit: CBS, Celebrity Big Brother

If you are looking for a Celebrity Big Brother recap with a specialized focus on the weekly exploits of former WWE wrestler and Total Divas star, Natalie Eva Marie, you’ve come to the right place. After each week, until Natalie either wins the show or is eliminated, we’ll recap her best moments and highlights in a column we like to call, “’All Red’ of Household.”

On Friday, February 8, as part of a double eviction episode, Natalie Eva Marie was sent home by a vote of 4-0. Playing a game she was proud of, Natalie’s biggest downfall was not so much the alliances she formed, but rather something any competitor should consider a compliment, she was simply considered to be the biggest threat in the house.

To paraphrase from Sesame Street’s The Count, let’s find out the number of the day by counting Natalie’s alliances on Celebrity Big Brother:

1 – Alliance with Jonathan, Ryan, Lolo, Tamar and Kandi
2 – Alliance with Lolo, Jonathan and Ryan
3 – Alliance with Lolo, Tamar and Kandi
4 – Alliance with Lolo
5 – Alliance with Lolo, Kato and Tom
6 – Alliance with Lolo, Kato, Tom and Ricky
7 – Alliance with Lolo, Tamar and Ricky

If you’re keeping track, that’s seven, seven alliances that Natalie has been involved in over the course of the first two weeks of Celebrity Big Brother. To put that into some context, there had been eight episodes over the first two weeks of the show, eight episodes covering 18 days. That’s one alliance for about every 2.5 days of the show. It’s probably not a record, but it’s a crazy number nevertheless, especially since in order to form several of these alliances, Natalie has needed to turn on her prior alliances. In Big Brother land, bouncing between that many alliances and doing so without getting put on the block once is pretty impressive.

“I’ve been in sold out areNAs with the Rock and now I’m in an areNA wth a bunch of rocks.”

So how did we get from alliance #1 to alliance #7? Well, to make a long story short, Natalie and Lolo, who is the one constant in all of Natalie’s alliances, have jumped from pairing to pairing based on what has suited them most in the game. In some ways it’s shrewd but it’s not without its risks either. That said, the two managed to avoid eviction and being put on the block period. However, that all changed last week.

Leading up to the double eviction episode, the bedroom alliance of Tamar, Lolo, Natalie and Ricky seemed strong and Tom, whose own alliance with Natalie, Ricky and Lolo dissolved almost as soon as it was born, seemed like he was ripe for the pickings. But the beauty of this game is that while alliances will help you survive, so will winning HOH and veto competitions and that’s exactly what Tom did. Entering the third and penultimate week of the competition, Tom’s biggest ally in Kato had been sent home, leaving his back against the wall. But everything changed when Tom won the HOH competition and decided to break up the bedroom alliance, putting both Ricky and Natalie on the block. To make matters even more interesting, Tom also won the veto competition. The rest of the house was sure of Tom’s move, given he told Kandi who told Tamar who informed Ricky, Lolo and Natalie. But come the veto meeting, Tom surprised everyone, electing not only to use the power of veto to change his own nominations but to use it on Ricky who he seemingly wanted gone from the house for the last two weeks. That left Final Two ride-or-die, Natalie and Lolo, as the two on the block and it left the house unsure of what move to make.

It also led to Tom telling Natalie, “You’re an amazing person. I’m glad to know you and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.”

Yep, Tom just future endeavored Natalie.

Believing Natalie to be a bigger threat and better player, Kandi led the charge to get Natalie evicted and in the end, the house followed suit. Natalie was sent home by a unanimous vote of 4-0.

That’s the thing about alliances, you could have one, you could have 10. When the game comes down to its bare bones, so too does your alliance. Alliances alone don’t win the game, you need to win competitions, especially late in the game, and in the end, Natalie wasn’t able to do that. Overall, she won just one competition, though she could have become HOH if not for a deal she made with Kato a few weeks back. Her win came in the veto competition last week, but she elected not to use the power to backdoor Ricky as Tom and Kato had wanted her to.

She now joins the jury who will vote for the winner, which currently is between Lolo, Tamar, Dina and Kandi.


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