BREAKING: Tommaso Ciampa Returning to Chaotic Wrestling in March for Cold Fury 18

Tommaso Ciampa
Credit: Chaotic Wrestling

Right at the start of Monday Night Raw, Chaotic Wrestling dropped a huge announcement, that NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa (with Goldy) would be returning to where it all began some 14 years ago, appearing at the promotion’s Cold Fury 18 event on March 15.

In 2005, Ciampa’s career began in Lowell, MA with Chaotic Wrestling when he took part in a #1 contender’s tournament to crown a new heavyweight champion. While unsuccessful, Ciampa, going by the name Thomas/Tommy Penmanship, didn’t have to wait long to taste his first bit of gold in CW and his first title in his career. Just a few matches into his time at Chaotic Wrestling, Tommaso Ciampa won the CW New England Championship, a title he held for 181 days, losing it at Cold Fury 5: Five Years of Fury.

Shortly after losing the belt, Tommaso Ciampa re-entered the heavyweight championship picture and in May 2006, claimed the title and held it for 259 days, which at the time, had been the second longest reign in company history. Once again however, it was at Cold Fury 6: Into the Fire, that Ciampa lost the title in a loser leaves CW match against Brian Milonas. The match spelled Ciampa’s exit from CW but only for a short time. In 2007, Ciampa had a stint with WWE, signing a developmental contract with the company and starting at Ohio Valley Wrestling. After suffering an injury, Ciampa became the manager for Bolin Services, helping lead the team to the OVW tag titles. Ciampa was released from his contract in August 2007. He returned to CW a few months later.

Tommaso Ciampa continued to work for CW up until 2016, making his final appearance for the company in September of that year. At the time, Ciampa was working a non-exclusive contract with NXT, allowing him to appear throughout the indies. By 2017, Ciampa signed full time with WWE and he hasn’t been back at CW since. That all changes at the end of this month however as Ciampa is going back to his old stomping grounds in a yet to be determined role.

The promotion has only revealed that Tommaso Ciampa will take part in a Meet and Greet prior to Cold Fury with Chaotic’s Brian Fury simply saying, “what he will do at the show, we’ll have to wait and see.”


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