Kenny Omega’s AEW Contract Allows Him To Still Work for NJPW


After his appearance at All Elite Wrestling‘s press conference confirmed that Omega would be joining AEW most fans thought they had seen the last of him in an NJPW ring.  Some mourned the loss of the companies biggest gaijin star others were rejoicing at the departure of the Elite member.

This may not be the case after all as Kenny Omega spoke with Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio to talk about his contract and joining AEW.  During the interview the question came up of Omega ever working for NJPW again and Omega stated that “I have it written into my contract….that I can go anytime I want and appear for New Japan Pro Wrestling” even mentioning that he would not have been able to get such terms if he had joined the WWE.

This means that the door is still open for the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion to work for NJPW.  NJPW has moved quickly to move Jay White into the top four to replace Omega as their number one gaijin and some fans were happy to see the back of Omega so whether or not a return would go down well with fans or not is another question.  Regardless, we may yet see Omega step into an NJPW ring again possibly for a rematch with Hiroshi Tanahashi or a continuation of his legendary series with Kazuchika Okada.


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