SmackDown LIVE Highlight Rundown: The Planet’s Champion Returns Home (2/5/19)

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SmackDown LIVE took place in Everett, Washington last night, as the stories further towards Elimination Chamber. As SmackDown LIVE continues to produce a good product on a week to week basis, it is fair to say that they beat Raw in overall quality this week. And like yesterday here is the best segments from SmackDown LIVE last night.

The Man outplays The Game 

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SmackDown LIVE started off with “The Queen” Charlotte Flair letting the world know that if Becky Lynch can’t compete at WrestleMania, she would be more than happy to take on Ronda Rousey in the main event of the grandest stage of them all. As Charlotte was pointing at the sign, however, the suspended Lynch would appear at the top of the stairway underneath the WrestleMania sign. Becky would make her way to the ring as Charlotte continued to try and verbally take down the Man. As Becky got to the ring, however, the noticeable knee would continue to leave a big-time limp in her walk. As the one-time best friends, now big-time rivals starting yelling at each other, the Game’s music hit. As Triple H got into the ring, he went right at Lynch, considering she was suspended the night before by Stephanie McMahon. Triple H originally went out there to get Becky to leave, as well as send Charlotte to the back making a point that this did not include her. As Triple H was ready to leave, Becky asked him “how’s Steph?” after beating her down on Raw the night prior. This would lead Triple H to go on a tirade towards Lynch, bringing up how maybe she is scared to get checked by the doctor not because of going back to “doctor jail, but because she is scared that she can’t beat Ronda Rousey. Instead of saying another word, Becky slapped the taste out of Triple H’s mouth, as Triple H went face to face with Becky in an ultimate staredown. It felt like the match going into to WrestleMania was between these two, and the confident Lynch happily walked out through the crowd.

13-Time World Champion takes on The Heart of SmackDown LIVE

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As the Elimination Chamber comes closer and closer, it is time for some singles matches involving the competitors. Last night, they gave one matchup that I feel people should have been hoping for. “The Viper” Randy Orton took on up and coming star Mustafa Ali in a first time ever singles matchup. While Orton is one of the greatest WWE superstars of all-time, Mustafa Ali is still new to the scene despite being on 205 Live for the better part of two years. And while this is business as usual for Orton, Ali showed up with hopes of continuing to prove that not only he belongs in the Elimination Chamber, but facing the biggest dogs on the roster. The match was heavily in Orton’s favor in the early parts, including an early back body drop on to the announce table that Orton has added to its repertoire in the past few years. Orton would control most of the match, but as they come to the end of the match, Mustafa Ali is on the second rope. As he is on the second rope, Orton is on his feet, when Ali fakes Orton out as he was prepared for a patented RKO out of nowhere, but instead is planted by Ali with a tornado DDT. Ali then climbs to the top rope to set up for the 054 splash, when Orton pops up, launches Ali from his foot, and plants him with an incredible RKO, winning the match. And before Orton could celebrate, Samoa Joe was there to put Orton to sleep. Go out of your way to watch this one.

SmackDown LIVE MVP: “The New” Daniel Bryan

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While this is the first SmackDown LIVE Rundown, it is fair to say that the MVP since Daniel Bryan won the WWE Championship has simply been Daniel Bryan. And that continued this week, as the Planet’s Champion continued his hopes of saving the planet, this time at home. With SmackDown LIVE being in Washington, Daniel Bryan was their favorite son once again as “Daniel Bryan” chants roared through the arena. Bryan made the point that he isn’t the corporate’s champion, but he isn’t the people’s champion either. He is the Planet’s Champion. He would go on to have a match with Jeff Hardy, which was as good as you would think. Lots of back and forth action between the champion and one of his challengers at the Elimination Chamber. As Hardy hit the Swanton Bomb, Rowan would make the save and leave Hardy laying. And while the rest of the participants would come out to the ring, Daniel Bryan would escape. When he got to the back, Kayla Braxton was there to interview. Bryan would go on to say how he is simply the best, stating that “The New” Daniel Bryan would be WWE Champion forever. Bryan continues his fantastic run.

SmackDown LIVE was, as John Cena use to say, the place to be this week. But while you’re at it, be sure to check out the RAW Highlight Rundown here and remember to check back next week!


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