“All Red” of Household: Natalie Eva Marie’s Top Moments from Week One of Celebrity Big Brother

Natalie Eva Marie Celebrity Big Brother
Credit: CBS, Celebrity Big Brother

If you are looking for a Celebrity Big Brother recap with a specialized focus on the weekly exploits of former WWE wrestler and Total Divas star, Natalie Eva Marie, you’ve come to the right place. After each week, until Natalie either wins the show or is eliminated, we’ll recap her best moments and highlights in a column we like to call, “’All Red’ of Household.”

On January 21, season two of Celebrity Big Brother debuted with four new episodes and already the twists have come out in full force. The first episode saw the 12 new houseguests move in, among them, Natalie Eva Marie, the third professional wrestler (Judas Devlin/Luchasaurus – Season 17 and Jessie Godderz – Season 11) to compete on the show. Best known to WWE fans as “All Red Everything” Eva Marie, the 34-year-old former wrestler has developed quite the resume for herself out of the squared circle. While not even close to Rock levels of fame, which so many wrestlers seem to aspire to these days, Natalie has managed to make a name for herself through her lifestyle podcast, her acting career, her NEM fashion line and more.

Always a polarizing personality in the ring, Natalie entered the Big Brother house with a different strategy in hopes of being able to lay low from the onset. Unlike her wrestling career, where Natalie’s goal was to get people to notice her, her Big Brother plan was simple: “try to stay under the radar and keep my competitiveness under wraps for the first couple of challenges.” And somehow, in the first episode of the game, she did just that. In a schoolyard-style game of pick-em, the former wrestler was one of two houseguests, the other being Kato Kaelin, who is known from being a prosecution witness in the OJ Simpson murder trial, who were not chosen to compete in the first Head of Household challenge. It worked out however as, by virtue of not being picked, both Natalie and Kato were safe from eviction for the first week.

Natalie Eva Marie Celebrity Big Brother
Credit: CBS, Celebrity Big Brother

The two watched as the super duo of Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte and Jonathan Bennett of “Mean Girls” fame were the first to complete the challenge and win HOH. But it’s the Big Brother house, there can’t be two heads of household. In the first twist of the season, Ryan and Jonathan had to compete among themselves to determine the first HOH. The loser, not only didn’t get to be HOH, but he would be the first nominee of the season placed on the block.

Before the competition even began, however, Jonathan, worried about his chances to beat the 12-time Olympic medalist, made the first big move in the house, putting together a Final Six alliance of himself, Ryan, Lolo Jones, Tamar Braxton, Kandi Burruss and Natalie. Originally, the alliance was meant to include Joey Lawrence as well, but Joey turned down the offer before it was even made, which came as a surprise to Lolo and Tamar who set out to recruit him. Meanwhile, Jonathan may have jumped the gun a bit and pitched a Final Four alliance of himself, Ryan, Natalie and Lolo. But unbeknownst to Jonathan, Tamar and Kandi pitched their own Final Four with themselves, Lolo and Natalie, which was almost named “The Four Horsemen” until Natalie, who was the first to veto the idea, suggested “The Four Tops” instead.

Natalie Eva Marie Celebrity Big Brother
Credit: CBS, Celebrity Big Brother

With her own Final Two with Lolo also in place, which Natalie somewhat botched by mentioning the idea in front of Tamar, who she didn’t realize was in the room, Natalie talked about in her confessional how she planned to play both sides for the moment, but that “when the time comes and your girl has to drop somebody out of this ring, I’mma do it (superkicks the camera). Byeeeee!”

Of course, alliances don’t last forever, but that said, they normally last more than one week or in this case, two episodes. Jonathan convinced Ryan not to put his “second mom” Dina Lohan, on the block, but the Final Two guys forgot to key in the rest of their alliance on the change of plans, which meant swapping Dina out for Tom Green. While the ladies of the house likely wouldn’t have had a problem with Ryan’s nominees, they did take issue with the fact that he didn’t tell them, thus solidifying their Final Four starting the dissolution of what Jonathan thought was a “solid alliance.” The ladies initially disagreed on what to do but after Lolo called Jonathan and Ryan out on their Final Two, flipping both the bird, Ricky Williams told the ladies of Ryan’s new plan to backdoor his fellow Olympian, and Ryan put alliance member Kandi on the block after Anthony Scaramucci was revealed not to have been a real houseguest, the house aligned to take out Jonathan, 6-1.

That’s it for week one. Make sure to keep following Natalie’s journey in the competition by watching Big Brother weeknights on CBS and Big Brother After Dark every night on PopTV.


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