“La Wera Loca” Taya Valkyrie Returns To Mexico For IMPACT Wrestling

Photo: AAA

On Friday night on IMPACT Wrestling from Fronton, Mexico, the IMPACT fans saw the return of Taya Valkyrie, who took a brutal beating at the hands of Killer Kross back at Homecoming. While this was the first time we would see Taya back since the attack, this was more of a return home so to speak. After a hard-hitting Lucha match versus AAA Lucha Libre’s Keyra, Taya got on the mic with joy and talked about how great it was to be back in Mexico. Though this would mark her return to Mexico with IMPACT Wrestling, Taya has been known as one of the greatest Luchadoras in the history of Mexico.

A graduate of Lance Storm‘s Storm Wrestling Academy, Taya looked to quickly make her move and cement her way into the history books. After her short time in North America, Taya moved to Mexico in 2012 where she would ply and perfect her craft in adapting to the Lucha style. Taya would stay at a wrestlers house in Mexico with various people such as Psychosis, Teddy Hart, Silver King, Jack Evans among others. Taya would wrestle throughout the Lucha independent scene where she wrestled for the Perros Del Mal promotion and IWRG among many other promotions.

On November 3rd, 2012, Taya would make her AAA Lucha Libre debut on an episode of AAA Fusion where she would team with Gran & Mary Apache in a trios match and getting the win over Cuervo, Faby Apache and Lolita. Throughout her first year with the promotion, she would wrestle in various tag matches and continue to do so throughout 2013. In 2014 though, Taya would set a milestone in her career that would include Gold around her waist.

On June 4th, 2014, Taya competed in a 7 Luchadora match where she defeated Cynthia Moreno, La Jarochita, La Magnifica, Mary Apache, Sexy Lady, and Sexy Star. This would make her the # 1 contender for the Reina De Reinas Championship which was held by Faby Apache at the time. This would eventually set a program between the two Lucha legends that would culminate at AAA Triplemania XXII when Taya defeated Faby Apache and captured her first major championship, Reina De Reinas Championship (which translates to Queen Of The Queens Championship). Taya would remain champion for an unprecedented 945 days, a title reign which surpasses those the likes of Brock Lesnar, Kazuchika Okada, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and many more.

Taya’s success did not just end with AAA Lucha Libre, however, as we would see her debut in the second season of the cutting edge hit series, Lucha Underground, when she debuted for the show on episode 9, Aztec Warfare as entrant #9. She would eventually align herself with Johnny Mundo throughout her time in Lucha Underground and both would form Worldwide Underground, which consisted of other members Jack Evans, PJ Black and Ricky Mundo. Taya would have some of the most memorable matches when she went up against AAA partner and then rival, Sexy Star.

On season four of Lucha Underground, Taya and Johnny Mundo would take their relationship to the next level and the two became engaged with one another and decided to air their wedding. On what was supposed to be one of the greatest nights of her career and personal life, the wedding was ruined by Matanza Cueto when he destroyed everyone in sight and ruined what was to be a one-time event for all parties involved. This would lead to a match between Mundo and Matanza at Ultima Lucha Cuatro which saw Mundo avenge Taya and their marriage and get rid of Matanza once and for all.

Taya has since been working with IMPACT Wrestling where she’s had major success. More recently, she earned her way to a Knockouts Championship match where she defeated and won the title against Tessa Blanchard at IMPACT Homecoming. A name much fitting of her return to Mexico last night on IMPACT Wrestling.



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