Melissa Santos Debuts For IMPACT Wrestling

Photo: Melissa Santos Instagram

This Friday’s IMPACT Wrestling marked the debut of arguably the most charismatic ring announcer in the industry, Melissa Santos. Santos is best known for her work with Lucha Underground which recently concluded their fourth season. Melissa appeared tonight backstage while interviewing Killer Kross and Moose as she inquired about Killer Kross’ match with Johnny Impact for the IMPACT Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. We would later see Melissa Santos interview Jordynn Grace and Keira Hogan. Unfortunately, the interview was interrupted by a supernatural ocurrence when the IMPACT T.V. screens behind them had a message from Rosemary.

Melissa Santos, though working mainly as a ring announcer, has had her time in the ring as well. During season three of Lucha Underground, Melissa was involved in a relationship with Fenix. Unfortunately, she was stalked throughout the season by the psychopathic Marty “The Moth” Martinez and his twisted sister, Mariposa. This would lead to a boiling point when Melissa and Fenix challenged the brother and sister combination in “The Rise Of The Ring Announcer” Season 3, Episode 36. The new couple would deafeat Martinez and Mariposa and would mark the end of Marty’s creepy ways with Santos.

Santos, who is engaged to “The Machine” Brian Cage, also has a daughter with the IMPACT Wrestling star. The couple would actually see themselves tag team back on June 28th, 2018 at Joey Ryan’s Bar Wrestling 13: Hold On To Your Butts, which would have the couple wrestle and defeat Doomfly (Delilah Doom & Eli Everfly). It will be interesting to see if we get to see Melissa Santos ring announce again for IMPACT Wrestling as she has always brought something extra to her work. Could we see her team up with Brian Cage, or could we see her wrestle for the Knockouts Division. Perhaps we will find out soon.

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