Los Ingobernables Decimate The Lucha Bros. And Diamante Azul At Arena Mexico!

Photo: CMLL

In a fantasy matchup which really was announced at last minute, we saw Los Ingobernables – RUSH (the team captain), the returning El Terrible, and La Bestia Del Ring, battle the team of The Lucha Bros. (Fenix and Penta El OM) and team captain, Diamante Azul at Arena Mexico on Friday night for CMLL. Could this be the match which would see RUSH avenge the brutal beating of his younger brother Dragon Lee several weeks ago by the hands of the Lucha Bros?

Photo: CMLL

This was a best of three falls match which featured RUSH and Penta El OM square off and QUICKLY get most of the attention during the first fall which saw the Tecnicos take the win. During the second fall, Fenix was the center of attention as it looked like he had the advantage against the majority of the Rudos. At one point Fenix would hit a double cutter to both RUSH and Terrible. This was followed by Diamante Azul easily getting La Bestias number with what looked to be one of the highest monkey flips in the history of monkey flips.

Photo: CMLL

As quickly as it looked like the technicos now had the advantage, it was Los Ingobernables that dominated the match soon after. Fenix was taken out after a triple team attack which saw Terrible basement dropkick Fenix, to the ring floor and Fenix landing on the back of his head. Penta El OM was quickly outnumbered and on the ring floor. What ensued thereafter was CHAOS.

Photo: CMLL

As Penta El OM returned to the ring he attempted a dive from the second rope onto RUSH but was kicked in the “nether regions” by the leader of Los Ingobernables. Right after, RUSH quickly ripped off Penta’s mask getting his team disqualified. Seconds after this, the referee was abruptly attacked by Los Ingobernables and Fenix became the next victim of what ended up being a gang beating. As a result, Fenix too had his mask ripped off from the Rudos. Diamante while making an effort to help his teammates, also beat down and has his mask stolen as well.

While the tecnicos took the victory, this was cleary a battle that saw Los Ingobernables win in the end as the show concluded. Soon after in a backstage promo RUSH made it clear that the Lucha Bros. were outsiders and that Los Ingobernables did not care who tried coming into their house, that they were the best around in and outside of CMLL. It will be interesting to see what winds up happening moving forward with what seems to be a war of epic proportions.


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