Cody Rhodes and Hangman Page Heading to Northeast Wrestling?

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All Elite Wrestling has been giving independent wrestling fans all over the country a huge surprise by showing up unannounced. Last week, The Young Bucks, Adam Page, and Cody Rhodes showed up at Bar Wrestling in Los Angeles, followed by an appearance last weekend with DEFY Wrestling in Seattle to save Joey Ryan from an attack. This week, Cody, Hangman, and Northeast Wrestling have all hinted at showing up at Northeast Wrestling (NEW)’s Over the Top event on Saturday night.

During the day, Cody and Hangman tweeted out Water and Bury respectively. Northeast Wrestling’s Over the Top will be taking place tonight January 26th in Waterbury Connecticut.

Cody Rhodes and Hangman Page Heading to Northeast Wrestling?

Cody and Hangman will be joining a stacked card with plenty of All Elite Wrestling other roster members. This includes all of So Cal Uncensored and producer Billy Gunn. Northeast Wrestling has teased that there are five open spots in their Over the Top Rumble, which is just their version of the Royal Rumble, with the winner getting a shot at Brad ‘Bacon’ Hollister‘s NEW Championship. Cody and Hangman only take up two of those spots so it will be interesting to see who the other spots go to. Other possibilities could be The Young Bucks or the newest AEW signee, Jungle Boy.

Cody and Northeast Wrestling have had a close working relationship. Dusty Rhodes and Mike Lombardi had a working relationship that Cody picked right up when he left WWE. NEW was one of the first places Cody wrestled on the independent circuit. Northeast booked one of Cody’s dream matches against Kurt Angle not once but twice, the second being a cage match where Cody moonsaulted from the top of the cage. Cody would even go on to hold the Northeast Wrestling Championship, beating Micheal Bennett for the title. Once he signed to Ring of Honor, his last indie date was losing the title to Flip Gordon.

It should be interesting to follow the relationship going forward between Northeast Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling. Cody had a hand in training current NEW Champion Brad Hollister. AEW might use Northeast Wrestling as a place to scout out talent for their upcoming show.


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