#AndNEW: Sefa “The Problem” Fatu wins FSW Nevadea State Title

Photo: Brian Ronovech

Last night at Future Stars of Wrestling’s No Escape, Sefa Fatu answered the call and won the Nevada State Championship at Sam’s Town Live. It was Sefa’s chance to become Champion like those who did before him. If you’ve seen Fatu compete you know he takes intensity to a different level, but last night was different. It was channeled, he was ready. He made it clear after the opening bell to Graves, “I’m about to whoop your ass tonight, Nevada State Champ!” It was on.

The Samoan Dynasty family watched, but Sefa showed no signs of pressure. Even after Graves knocked him back early the young Fatu collected himself and went back to work. The contest was the physical altercation everyone in the crowd expected. As the match wore on FSW Senior Official Austin Grimes was knocked out of the ring and both men had opportunities to collect the pinfall to no avail. Fatu uses the Super Kick as well as any young athlete I’ve seen and he put one right under Graves chin and knocked him to the canvas. Sefa climbed to the top turnbuckle and finished it with the frog splash. The winner and new Nevada State Champion was Sefa Fatu. Add his name to the list of Great Samoan Champions, and for his opponents, The Problem is going to be very tough to solve.


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