Preview: IMPACT Wrestling – 1/25/19


Tonight marks the third week of IMPACT Wrestling since their move to the Pursuit Channel while simulcasting on the company’s Twitch.TV channel. If that was not enough, IMPACT is coming from Fronton, MX with a very intriguing line up to say the least. Lets take a look at what’s to come:

IMPACT Wrestling World Heavyweight Title: Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross


For months we have seen Killer Kross wreaking havoc all over IMPACT Wrestling. From shattering Trevor Lee’s face and taking out of IMPACT Wrestling forever, to decimating Johnny Impact and Taya at the conclusion of Homecoming, and more recently, ambushing the IMPACT Heavyweight Champion with Moose in arms. In Mexico, Kross goes is also known as “El Rey De La Maldad” which translates to “The King Of Evil”. Will we witness “The Tollman” collect on his toll by winning the Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Title or will Johnny Impact be able to overcome the odds and walk out as the World Champ.

Rich Swann vs. El Hijo De Vikingo


In a first time ever one-on-one match, we will see the IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion, Rich Swann going up against an incredible talent who is arguably a human highlight reel, El Hijo De Vikingo, which translates to “The Son Of The Viking”. Vikingo has made his name in AAA Lucha Libre over the course of a year. At only 21 years of age, with just under two years with the company and in his professional career, Hijo De Vikingo has already earned a Trios championship alongside partners Laredo Kid and Mysteziz Jr. A perfect opponent for Rich Swann, how will the young upstart fair against the seasoned veteran?

Taya Valkyrie Returns!


At the conclusion of Homecoming, after becoming the IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion and celebrating alongside her husband, Johnny Impact as the first couple to have earned a company’s major titles, the celebration was interrupted by the maniacal Killer Kross. Trying to avenge her husband who had just been taken out by Kross, Taya suffered one of the most brutal attacks in the history of pro wrestling as she was powerbombed to the floor. Luckily breaking her fall were several members of the IMPACT Nation. What will Taya have in store tonight upon her return and will anyone have their sights on her Knockouts Title?

“All Ego” Ethan Page vs. Trey Miguel


At IMPACT Homecoming, we saw the return of the Ultimate X-Match, a structure and concept created by none other than Don Callis, though history was made that night, two of the standouts in the match were “All Ego” Ethan Page and member of The Rascalz, Trey Miguel. At 6’2 and over 220 pounds, Ethan Page moves with in exceptional swiftness, more fitting of a traditional X-Division performer, it will be interesting to see how he fairs out against Trey Miguel. In a very short time, we have seen The Rascalz make their way into IMPACT and do some never before seen high flying manuevers. Trey Miguel is arguably at the top of the list with his offensive innovation and quickly surprised everyone to what he could do at Homecoming and during his most recent match with Rich Swann.




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