Wrestle Summit To Feature IMPACT, PCW ULTRA, DEFY, and More!

Wrestle Summit

PCW ULTRA, one of the premier indie promotions on the West Coast, announced this weekend that on March 29, 2018, they will be hosting the first ever Wrestle Summit in Los Angeles, California, that will feature stars from various promotions competing in inter-promotional dream matches, with titles from every participating company on the line.

From their release:

The Wrestle Summit will be hosted by PCW ULTRA. See top professional wrestling companies, from around the world, unite and converge in Los Angeles to bring the fans of professional wrestling a truly unique event.

Witness champions from different companies defending championships in inter-promotional dream matches, all taking place on one night in Los Angeles, California.

Join us to celebrate and experience an incredible night of action, awesome vendors, hot delicious food, ice cold beer, and good vibes!

As of press release, the other promotions announced for participation include IMPACT Wrestling, Seattle’s DEFY Wrestling, Iowa’s Wrestling Revolver, and Australia’s Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW), with more to be announced. Early packages are available now.

We’ll keep you posted on updates as other promotions are added and matches are finalized.



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