#AndNEW: Utami Hayashita Wins Even More Championships

Photo: Stardom

At Stardom‘s 8th Anniversary show on Sunday night, Utami Hayashishita faced fellow Queens Quest member Viper for both her SWA Undisputed World Women’s Championship and the Pro Wrestling EVE International Championship.

Utami Hayashita Wins Even More Championships

The Big Rookie claimed another big victory and another win at the famed Korakuen Hall, as she pinned Viper and claimed her third and fourth championships.  Hayashishita debuted in August and has had the proverbial rocket strapped to her back as she made it to the final of the 5 Star Grand Prix, won the Goddesses Of Stardom tag league, won the Goddesses championships, won the Future Of Stardom championship and now adds to more titles to her already impressive haul. The SWA Championship is a banner title for the Stardom Wrestling Alliance, which includes the UK’s British Empire Wrestling (BEW)Association Biterroise de Catch (ABC) out of France, Mexico’s Women Wrestling Stars (WWS)Revolution Championship Wrestling (RCW) in Spain, and continues to expand.

With rumors that Viper is headed to WWE, this result makes sense as it continues to build Hayashishita as the next big star of the company.  As for Hayashishita, her self made goal to hold all the belts in 2019 is closer to becoming a reality.


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