#AndNEW: Big Japan Strong Shocks As Violent Giants Lose All Japan Tag Titles


On Sunday night at Big Japan Wrestling (BJW)‘s To Was Gat Early event at the legendary Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan, All Japan‘s super duo Violent Giants, featuring 6x Triple Crown Champion Suwama and 4x DDT Pro KO-D Openweight Champion (and former Triple Crown Champion) Shuji Ishikawa lost their All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) World Tag Team titles to Big Japan Strong, the BJW tandem of reigning 4x BJW Strong World Heavyweight Champion and 2x ZERO1 World Champion Daisuke Sekimoto and former BJW World Champion Yuji Okabayashi. Strong BJ had a previous run with the AJPW World Tag Team titles last year.

Big Japan Strong Shocks As Violent Giants Lose All Japan Tag Titles

Back on January 2 at AJPW’s New Years War, Strong BJ showed up after Violent Giants defended their titles against the team of Joe Doering & Dylan James, challenging the champions to a huge matchup later on. It went down on Sunday night and Strong BJ proved to be the superior team, taking down the All Japan legends and ending their tag team reign just shy of 200 days.


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