CHIKARA Kingdom of Trios, New Mobile Game Available Now


Now the world of CHIKARA can be in the palm of your hands! CHIKARA has launched a new mobile game titled Kingdom of Trios. It is free and available worldwide for Android and iOS devices in the Google Play and App Stores.

This was not CHIKARA’s first foray into the mobile game realm. A Kickstarter campaign was held from May to June of 2014 to produce a different mobile game. This one would’ve been produced by Rotary Games, LLC, titled Rudo Resurrection. Rudo Resurrection was to be a side-scrolling fight-based game, also featuring the wrestlers of CHIKARA. Sadly, this Kickstarter did not meet the funding goal and thus was never a reality. Let’s dive into the specs on Kingdom of Trios!

It is like popular games such as the Candy Crush franchise and WWE Champions in that it’s a match-3 puzzle game. You enter a match and to weaken your opponent, you match 3 or more gems of the same color. To win the match, you must drain your opponent’s score down to zero. This is the same no matter the mode of gameplay you choose. There are currently three modes of gameplay: season, best of, and versus.

In season mode, you can recruit and manage a stable, and hopefully, lead them to championship glory! Best of mode allows you to test the strength of your recruited characters against challengers of increasing degrees of difficulty. In versus mode, you will be able to earn XP to level up your wrestlers and rewards! Also, in this mode you can compete in singles, tag team or trios matches. There are currently 18 CHIKARA superstars for you to choose from to play with, with more on the way.

Per our conversation with CHIKARA owner, Mike Quackenbush, it can be quite addictive! He also advises to please go through the game tutorial at the beginning. The game can be complex and it’s best to understand how it all works. The game tutorial also features CHIKARA personality Sidney Backabella!


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