IMPACT Wrestling Watchers on Twitch Will Get “Bonus Content”


IMPACT Wrestling makes its debut on its new television home, the Pursuit Channel, on Friday night at 10pm EST. While this news was met initially with a bit of a sigh (due to many fans not being able to get the channel on their cable service), it was then announced that the show would also air simultaneously on IMPACT’s Twitch channel at the same time. In Canada, it will still air on the Fight Network at 10pm EST as well.

IMPACT Wrestling Watchers on Twitch Will Get “Bonus Content”

But IMPACT revealed new information about the Twitch broadcast during a reply to a fan on Twitter, who asked the company if the same ads seen on Pursuit would interfere on the broadcast on Twitch. According to IMPACT’s reply, there “won’t be ads during the matches” and during the ad time on Pursuit “subscribers (to the Twitch channel) will get some bonus content between matches.”

Another great reason to check out IMPACT Wrestling on Twitch, as IMPACT looks to keep fans entertained during normal blackouts during ad time.

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