#NewJapanWeek: Gang Warfare ’18: Bullet Club Back To Its Roots

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Coming into 2018 the Buller Club was on the verge of war, Cody was likely to break away and turn on Kenny Omega.  The line between The Elite and the Bullet Club was getting blurry and the faction was no longer what it once was. This year saw Civil War, mutiny and a switchblade intent on tearing it apart.  We have a new look Bullet Club after a tumultuous year for the Bullet Club.  With the Elite gone who is left?

“The Switchblade” Jay White

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The de facto leader and ace of the Buller Club, Jay White debuted one year ago and has shot straight to the top in New Japan.  This year alone he has defeated Kenny Omega, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kazuchika Okada in singles matches.  Working in the shadows White rejected Omega’s recruitment attempts at the beginning of the year to “join” CHAOS.  White used CHAOS simply to fight the Bullet Club as he was intent on watching it crumble.  After the ousting of The Elite, White happily joined forces with The Firing Squad to take down Okada and bring the Bullet Club back to its old chaotic ways.

Tama Tonga

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The leader of the Mutiny Tama Tonga sat silently and watched as Cody and Omega fought for the leadership of his stable. After the title match at the G1 Supershow in San Francisco, Tonga alongside Tanga Loa and Haku laid out the members of The Elite and kicked them out of the Bullet Club.  Known for his crude backstage interviews, the charismatic Tonga took back the Bullet Club and has since moulded it in his image.  Alongside Loa he is one-half of the IWGP Tag Team Championship team Guerillas of Destiny (GoD) and with Loa and Bone Soldier Taiji Ishimori he is one of the NEVER Six Man tag team champions.  An integral part of the BCOG identity and a tag team specialist Tonga is second in command to White.

Tanga Loa

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Loa alongside Tonga holds two titles and was there to help take back the Bullet Club.  He delivers the in-ring introductions for the group, much like Taka Michinoku does for Zack Sabre Junior, and wins a lot of matches with his Apeshit finisher.

Bad Luck Fale

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The 6 ft 4 big man is the Bullet Club’s muscle.  He doesn’t wrestle as much these days as he spends a lot of time at his Fale Dojo training the next generation of wrestlers.  When he is around though you can be sure he will cause chaos.  With his size and love of brawling, he is the perfect bodyguard for the BC.  His personality is summed up by his “F**k Em” shirt, he has no time for anybody and will hurt anyone that gets in his way.

Taiji Ishimori

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In April, vignettes appeared hyping the return of Bone Soldier.  Fans were filled with worry that it would be the return of the old untalented Bone Soldier.  Instead, we got the debut of former NOAH performer Taiji Ishimori.  Ishimori arrived as a former 3-time GHC Junior Heavyweight Champion, a former X Division champion and a former 6-time GCH Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion.  A well respected Junior heavyweight, he slotted in as the Bullet Club’s junior ace and tore the house down with Hiromu Takahashi in the Best Of The Super Juniors final.  Heading into Wrestle Kingdom as the number one contender for KUSHIDA’s Junior Heavyweight championship and is likely to walk out with his first singles championship in New Japan.

Robbie Eagles

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“The Sniper Of The Skies” debuted as Ishimori’s tag team partner in this year’s Junior Tag league.  One of the best from Australia’s packed scene Eagles finally got to showcase his abilities on a big stage.  In his first match he got the win over Jyushin “Thunder” Liger and did well in the tag league.  We haven’t seen him since the end of that tour but he is sure to be back to wow the New Japan fans once again.


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The younger brother of Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa, the giant Tongan was on the injury shelf for most of 2018, but hopes to return in 2019 to make a bigger impact with the old school return of Bullet Club.


Photo: NJPW

The man behind the Rainmaker turned on Okada to join the Bullet Club.  Now the manager for Jay White Gedo has gone back to his old heel persona to help push Jay White to the top.  At his age, he is mostly a pin eater but he’s a great heel manager to have in White’s corner


Photo: NJPW

Also turned on Okada and defected to CHAOS Jado has yet to wrestle with the bullet club but similar to tag partner Gedo is a pin eater at this stage in his career


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