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Thursday January 3rd, Rocky Mountain Pro (RMP) Wrestling will stream their flagship show CHARGED live on Twitch. CHARGED originally debuted on the streaming giant back on June 3rd. RMP is one of the first US independent promotions to take a shot with live streams/broadcasts on a weekly basis. The cards will be held at The Quarry at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Golden, CO.

Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling strives to be the most interactive product, and live shows on Twitch are the start. There is plenty of risks, but it’s well worth it.  One advantage RMP has is that the show CHARGED is already quality. Their commentators are good, with solid camera angles, and a dedicated focus on match quality. Some larger indies do not have a show with anywhere near this depth. Rocky Mountain Pro is setting the standard and may become a more consistent hub for the United Wrestling Network. The more indies that follow this path the better, as it’s tough to watch shows hyping matches that happened a month earlier. Either time it better, or come up with a different plan. Live streaming is the future of wrestling and the promotions who figure this out will be the ones who win.

The UWN has booked a Television Title match featuring Champion and Hometown boy Royce Isaacs on January 31st, and this could lead to a more committed relationship in the future. The Colorado promotion features a nice balance of young, experienced, and talented wrestlers like current RMP Champion Atiba who is just 19, Vlad Balashov, Manny Lemons, Chango Bronson, Dave Turner,  former Ring of Honor star Brutal Bob Evans, and top prospect Filter who has Championship Gold in his future. Marty The Moth is the promotion’s first Twitch Champion. This move is a stroke of genius when having to book live weekly television, and the Lucha Underground star is a more than capable Titleholder.

RMP’s tag Champs the Left Coast Guerrillas (Anaya/ Hoodlum) are vicious, and top contenders the Riegel Twins have appeared on UWN’s home promotion, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Former RPW Women’s Champ Allie Gato, and new co-champions Bentley Powell and Shayde, plus Rachel Riveter, Demetria, and Heidi Howitzer, are proof that there is also plenty of female talent in the Rocky Mountains. CHARGED will air live Thursday’s and will be preceded by Mercury Showcase which features talent from the Mercury Pro Wrestling Academy which helps develop talent for RMP. Fans will have the opportunity to vote which wrestler will appear on the following week’s live CHARGED show.

The Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling team deserves a lot of credit for this and it will be exciting to see what happens in 2019, and what indies follow suit when this works.
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