Preview: Beyond Wrestling ‘Heavy Lies The Crown’ (12/31/18)

Photo: Beyond

Beyond looks to end 2018 the same way they kicked the year off, with wrestling. New Year’s Eve 2018, Beyond will host Heavy Lies the Crown, their annual New Year’s Eve show. Heavy Lies the Crown will take place at the White Eagle in Worchester, MA. Beyond has had a terrific 2018 and while the indie scene looks to be up in the air for 2019, Beyond plans to end the year strong with an absolute stacked card featuring some of the best-unsigned talents on in independent wrestling.  You’ll be able to catch Heavy Lies the Crown live on starting at around 9 o’clock on New Year’s Eve with the main event being the first match of the new year.

Beyond Wrestling ‘Heavy Lies The Crown’

Simon Gotch vs Timothy Thatcher

Photo: Beyond

Simon Gotch has been making a name for himself everywhere since leaving the WWE. He is a regular on Major League Wrestling (MLW) and plenty of other promotions. Timothy Thatcher spends most of his time in Europe and his home promotion of Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw), so it is a treat to see him show up for a rare appearance. These two should have nothing short of a technical classic as their styles mesh really well. This should be a hard-hitting bout between to very proficient wrestlers.

Matt Cross vs Andrew Everett

Photo: Beyond

There is plenty of rooms on the indie circuit for anyone who wants to take the top spot and Andrew Everett could be one of those wrestlers taking the scene by storm. The former IMPACT star will end his 2018 facing off against Matt Cross a grizzled indie veteran known for his high flying (also known as Son of Havoc for Lucha Underground fans). The matchup between these two should be interesting as both are high flyers and have some impressive move sets. This match acts as a new guard vs the old guard in what should really be a spectacular match.  What Beyond thrives at as a wrestling company is giving people matches they didn’t even know they needed (take a look at Extreme Warfare Revenge for an example).

Eddie Kingston vs Stokely Hathaway

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Stokley Hathaway has been on a run unlike any other. He has beaten UltraMantis Black, Icarus, and Orange Cassidy in his run against some of the best CHIKARA guys there are. On New Year’s Eve, he will take on the very first CHIKARA Grand Champion in Eddie Kingston. Eddie Kingston is a heavy hitter and Stokely might be in for a rude awakening but he has managed to beat out plenty of other wrestlers just as good. The match will also be for a title shot at the Powerbomb Independent Championship so the stakes are high.

John Walters vs Wheeler Yuta

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This match is another old guard vs new guard match. John Walters is a former Ring of Honor Pure Champion and was trained by Killer Kowalski. Wheeler Yuta is one of best pure babyfaces in wrestling and about to have himself a breakout year in 2019. Expect this match to be technical and intricate with lots of submissions and hard hitting. These two styles are very similar and these two should play off each other well.

Beaver Boys (John Silver & Alex Reynolds) vs The Bird and The Bee (Willow Nightingale & Solo Darling)

Photo: Beyond

The Beaver Boys have had themselves a pretty fantastic 2018. They proved themselves the Aces of Beyond’s tag team division with over 14 matches for Beyond this year. The Beaver Boys then proved it by winning Beyond’s TFT beating out “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams and Wheeler Yuta along with three other teams. They will face off against the winner of the Women Wrestling Revolution’s own Tournament For Tomorrow, The Bird & The Bee, featuring Solo Darling and Willow Nightingale . The winner would be able to kickoff 2019 with a huge win and a lot of momentum.

Fans Bring the Weapons Match: Nick Gage vs Josh Briggs 

Photo: Beyond

Nick Gage is the king of Deathmatches. Josh Briggs promised Beyond that he would go on the longest winning streak in Beyond history. These two juggernauts will meet in the middle of the ring in a “fans bring the weapons”. That means anything and everything could be brought out and used as a weapon. Neither of these men seems like they will being to back down from the other the addition of any weapon imaginable makes this an explosive match where anything could happen.

Chris Dickinson vs David Starr

Photo: Beyond

Has anyone had a better year than David Starr? David Starr claimed the role of Beyond’s Ace and became a star in Europe. While David Starr was away Chris Dickinson was holding down the fort for Beyond. Dickinson is looking to prove to everyone in Beyond that he has every right to claim himself the Ace of Beyond. David Starr will do anything in his power to stop him. If you watched any of the matches these two have had you will know this is going to be an all-out banger of a match. Independent Championship: “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams vs Orange Cassidy

Photo: Beyond

Orange Cassidy has been red hot the back half of this year. Cassidy is one of the most fun and interesting wrestlers on the scene.  Tracy Williams is the second Independent Champion, but he has taken that title on his back and made it one of the most sought-after titles in wrestling. Williams has defended the title 16 times since winning it and he will be looking to try and keep the title. With such a long hard year where hot Sauce has had 4 matches a week for most of the year, he has to be getting tired. Orange could be the man to upset and become the new Powerbomb Independent Champion.


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