Preview: AIW Welcome To The Party Pal (12/28/18)

Photo: AIW

Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) returns to action on Friday night with AIW Welcome To The Party Pal, as the company welcomes former ECW World Heavyweight Champion and Japan legend Masato Tanaka into the fold for a full night of mayhem!

“All Ego” Ethan Page, Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham & DukeMoney (Mance Warner & Jock Samson) vs. Colt Cabana, Kikutaro and Twins (Hornswoggle & PB Smooth)

Photo: AIW

A fun 8-man tag match that sees “All Ego” Ethan Page lead a team that features Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham (who is a 2x Alpha-1 Tag Team Champion in Page’s A-1 promotion) as well as the duo #DukeMoney. DukeMoney features Midwest indie veteran Jock Samson paired alongside one of the hottest new stars in the US indies, in recently crowned Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) World Champion Mance Warner. They face Colt Cabana‘s squad that features Japanese legend Kikutaro and the odd couple tandem (and former AIW Tag Team Champions) Twins, pairing Hornswoggle alongside 7′ PB Smooth. A fun match that will keep the audience rowdy throughout.

Tag Team Championship: Weird World (Alex Kellar & Evan Adams) vs. To Infinity & Beyond (Colin Delaney & Cheech)

Photo: AIW

Weird World have been an emerging tag team in Absolute Intense Wrestling since 2015 and they finally struck gold last month at AIW Hell on Earth 14, defeating The Production (Frankie Flynn & CK Magnum). The two youngsters will be put the test in their first title defense, taking on three-time Tag Team Champions To Infinity & Beyond, who have practically defined the company’s tag team division the past decade.

Wheeler YUTA vs. Louis Lyndon

Photo: AIW

Wheeler YUTA has had a break out year in 2018 as one of the hot new high flyers on the national indie scene, working with Beyond Wrestling, Major League Wrestling (MLW), CHIKARA and more the past year. He’s facing an Absolute Intense Wrestling staple in Louis Lyndon, a former two-time Tag Team Champion and AIW Intense Champion, who debuted with the promotion back in 2006. Lyndon can still go and this will be a dark horse as match of the night.

Fatal Four Way: Zack Thomas vs. Eddie Kingston vs. Dominic Garrini vs. Joshua Bishop

Photo: AIW

Three bright young stars of the US indie scene – Zack Thomas, Joshua Bishop and Dominic Garrini – get the test of their careers in a massive four-way against an indie legend in Eddie Kingston, the first ever CHIKARA Grand Champion and former CZW World Champion, IWA Mid South Heavyweight Champion and 2x All American Wrestling (AAW) Heavyweight Champion. Dominic Garrini is a regular with EVOLVE as part of Catch Point and his new tandem, Sadkampf (with Kevin Ku) is breaking out, but on Friday, he’ll be on his own in this four-man battle.

Tim Donst vs. Wes Barkley

Photo: AIW

A lot of young stars getting handed opportunities on Friday, and Wes Barkley is another new face that has been working his way up the AIW cards. He faces another Absolute Intense Wrestling veteran in three-time Absolute Champion Tim Donst, who will be looking to get himself back in the Absolute title picture at Barkley’s expense.

Intense Championship: Matthew Justice (c) vs. KTB

Photo: AIW

Much like Weird World, Matthew Justice is heading into Friday night for his first title defense, having defeated Tim Donst last month for the AIW Intense Championship. Justice has been emerging as one of the top big men in the US indie scene, and on Friday he faces a veteran who is not adverse to hitting hard and initiating some ultraviolence. KTB – aka Kyle The Beast – is a former Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) Heavyweight Champion (with a 350 day reign) – and he’ll be looking to add new gold to his trophy case.

Nick Gage vs. Masato Tanaka

Photo: AIW

Masato Tanaka is a 25-year veteran of the squared circle and a student of Atsushi Onita, with whom he debuted for in Frontier Martial-arts Wrestling (FMW) in 1993. A frequent regular with ZERO1 as well as Pro Wrestling NOAH, NJPW and many more Japanese promotions, in the US he’s best remembered for a hot run in the original ECW in the late 1990s, and an epic feud with Mike Awesome over the ECW World Championship (which Tanaka held once). He returns to the US to take on the face of American hardcore in Nick Gage, in what will be the most violent match of the night.

AIW Absolute Championship: “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams (c) vs. “M-Dogg” Matt Cross

Photo: AIW

Since leaving EVOLVE, “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams has become one of the top singles stars of the US indies in 2018, as the Independent Champion and his 150+ day reign as AIW Absolute Champion. Ohio’s own Matt Cross made his AIW debut back in 2005 and has since become one of the top indie stars around the world, including his portrayal of Son of Havoc on Lucha Underground. Surprisingly, he’s never won singles gold in AIW, and Cross will be looking to win AIW’s top title in his home state.


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