Stardom To Restart International Expansion in 2019

Photo: Stardom

Chelsea Green unknowingly sparked a Twitter war recently over New Japan’s lack of a women’s division.  Stardom shut down the conversation in the best way possible

Speaking of Stardom, they have restarted their international expansion after a 2-year break.  In 2015, Stardom ran two shows in the USA and in 2016 ran three across Europe as they set up the SWA (Stardom Wrestling Alliance), which includes the UK’s British Empire Wrestling (BEW)Association Biterroise de Catch (ABC) out of France, Mexico’s Women Wrestling Stars (WWS) and Revolution Championship Wrestling (RCW) in Spain. They have a very English friendly VOD service with translated promos and little notes at times to help people understand cultural differences.  In 2017 and 2018, they stuck to Japan, not running outside their home, possibly due to the loss of their two biggest internationally known stars in  Kairi Hojo (now Kairi Sane in NXT) and Io Shirai.  In 2019 though, they will kickstart it once again after two big announcements.

WrestleMania Weekend

During their Year End Climax on December 24th, Stardom announced it would be running an Authentic Stardom show in New York City on April 5th and that all of the factions would be there.  Meaning JAN, Oedo Tai, Queens Quest and STARS  will all be represented.  At a time when wrestling fans congregate to one area, Stardom could show the world what they have been missing by putting on a great show.  Early indications are that tickets are selling well.

Wrestle Queendom 2

Pro Wrestling: EVE is following up on the historic Wrestle Queendom 1 by running York Hall once again.  Last year they had Meiko Satomura and Aja Kong to headline.  But this year they are doing a Stardom crossover show.  A whole new audience of people will get to see some of Stardom’s best live and in person on EVE’s biggest show of the year.  On June 30th, Stardom has a chance to bring their best to York Hall for a show that will have the UK scene buzzing.

Much like New Japan before them, Stardom have learned that the key to sustained growth is through international expansion.  Stardom making a dent in the US and UK could lead to more Stardom World subscribers and new places to run their own shows in front of big audiences.


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