Rosemary Tweets Recap of Year in Xmas Poem


Earlier this year, IMPACT stars Rosemary and Allie – known together as Demon Bunnylaunched their web series, Welcome To The Multiverse. It followed the ordeals of Allie trying to introduce the demon Rosemary into normal life. It all began around the time that Rosemary had left IMPACT television due to injury, and the story twisted and turned as it was revealed that all of the versions of Rosemary who appeared at other events outside of IMPACT, such as RISE or on the indies with Decay, were different multi-verse versions of Rosemary, and not the same one from IMPACT. And then Rosemary’s alter ego, former indie wrestler Courtney Rush, reappeared – Rush hadn’t been seen since several years ago in Smash Wrestling in Canada when she was turned into Rosemary in the first place. This resulted in Allie’s former persona, Cherry Bomb, also returning and suddenly we had a full war for the Multiverse under way.

If that all sounds confusing, don’t worry – on Christmas, Rosemary tweeted out a Christmas poem a la “Twas The Night Before Christmas”, that recapped the entire run of the series as they get ready for the next season.

Here’s the full poem below:

‘Twas the Morning of Christmas, when all through the ‘Verse

all had to wonder at what seemed like a Curse;

The Adventures had begun without much of a care,

Demon being taught about mortals by the Hare;

The Bunny was excited while the Demon did dread

That it was visions of sugar-lies filling her head;

But Allie was determined and whipped up coffee in a snap!

All the energy potion did was cause Rosemary to nap.

Swedish Fish or Donuts? The Demon approved of the latter,

Having discovered a preference for this ‘chocolate’ matter.

While Allie in turn tried her hand at the kill,

And it soon became clear it would not be her skill.

But as entertaining as these adventures were to see,

One had to notice the brace on Rosemary’s knee.

For the Demon had been damaged in an alternate Realm,

And soon left to repair it, leaving Allie at the helm.

Then Rosemary appeared to her partner in a dream;

She was stuck between Realms and could not return to the team.

Did that stop our Bunny? Ha! This would not be the end,

And she set off on a mission to find her Demon Friend.

Now, Holidead! now, Thunder Rosa! now Raven’s Ash and Dust!

Not one of them had answers;

the Rise-Verse was a bust;

The Demon’s Rise Avatar did not find Allie’s Quest cute,

And told her to leave and seek the original Meatsuit.

With address in hand, she knocked on the door,

And Courtney Rush answered – then the Multiverse tore.

Time and Space in disorder; a moment of calm;

Then the sight of her rival manifested Cherry Bomb.

Rush wanted no part, and quickly disappeared,

But Cherry wanted answers, she snarled and sneered,

If she had her way, it would be the show’s finale!

Despite Sienna and Laurel telling her she was Allie.

Rise knocked Bomb out cold;

told Sienna to find Rush,

(She would theoretically be more reliable than the Lush).

She wasn’t, and ghosted, and so Rise had to wait

Until Rush came to her senses and accepted her Fate.

Alongside Cousin Rebel, Rush exorcised vile Cherry,

Returning Allie to her body – now to locate Rosemary!

A seance, of course! “That’s the ticket!” she cried;

And the trio pulled the Demon back from the Otherside.

Allie was overjoyed! Her best friend was back!

They set off to get their Adventures back on track.

And Rush was inspired, for she too now had a Quest

To learn why she had been awakened from her amnesiac rest.

A Quest that derailed at the sight of a boy,

Skywalker over Shadow, but he was a decoy,

For Rush was accused of violating Multiverse Code!

Officers Mickey and Everett stopped that episode.

She had been set up by the alliance of Cherry and Rise,

Who teamed up to kill all they did mutually despise.

But DemonXBunny caught them out and gave chase,

And soon Cherry Bomb and Courtney Rush came face to face;

The Smash Demon of Wrath manifested and broke free,

And the War that ensued escalated quickly.

Rise abandoned her ally when the going got rough;

Allie and Rosemary intervened, but it wasn’t enough.

Enraged and confused, Rush escaped with a howl

And she’s somewhere still out there loose on the prowl.

Cherry was put in Multiverse PD’s watch –

And escaped due to Mickey and Everett’s botch.

Season Four will have answers, but for now, relax and sit tight! “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

With Rosemary getting ready to return to IMPACT Wrestling from her injury, it will be interesting to see how she finally makes her in-ring return. You can watch the season 3 finale trilogy of Welcome to the Multiverse below.


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