Caristico Involved In Two Big Upcoming Matches

Photo: CMLL

It is safe to say that Caristico has been the victim of a couple of “heel tactics” over the course of last week to say the least. The December 21st edition of CMLL Arena Mexico saw the return of Penta El 0M, involved in a Three Falls Six man tag match which saw Penta El 0 M, Ultimo Guerrero and Barbaro Cavernario versus the team of Caristico, Volador Jr. and Diamante Azul.

At the conclusion of Friday’s match, we saw Penta El 0M blatantly low blow Caristico resulting in a disqualification and giving Caristico’s team the win. After the match, Penta El 0M cut a promo on Caristico berating him by saying he would always remain beaten for as long as Penta was around and that Caristico’s fans were now his. Penta followed those war of words by challenging Caristico to a one-on-one match, which was welcomed with open arms and accepted. The match will take place this Friday, December 28th, 2018 at CMLL’s Arena Mexico at 8:30 PM MX, 9:30 PM EST. The Lucha Promotion is billing the match as “Mano A Mano De Idolos”.

On December 25th, the company ran a special Christmas show from Arena Mexico and in the main event pitted the teams of Carisitico, the returning Dragon Lee and Valiente versus the team of Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia and Gran Guerrero. The final moments of the main event were very much like Friday’s edition of the show which saw a low blow to Caristico, but this time by Ultimo Guerrero. After the match, Caristico got on the mic and challenged Ultimo Guerrero to not just any match, but a Mask vs. Hair Match. Ultimo Guerrero responded by taunting the fans by asking them if they wanted to see the match. While he did not give Carisitico an answer, Ultimo Guerrero later in a post-match promo accepted a one-on-one match with Caristico which will air on January 1st, 2019 at 5:00 PM MX, 6:00 PM EST.




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