Chris Bey Faces Tag Partner Suede Thompson For FSW Title

Photo: Brian Ronovech

Chris Bey and Suede Thompson had been here before. They were standing in the ring together ready to compete, but this wasn’t match #7 at AZ100. They were the last two standing in the Against All Odds Rumble with the winner getting a title shot at Hammerstone in the Main Event. Once again Bey would prevail against his tag team partner, and go on to win the Future Stars of Wrestling Heavyweight Title.

After Bey got his hand raised and the tears came down Thompson came to the ring to congratulate his best friend, but it was clear Suede wanted a shot at the gold. Now he gets it. The FSW Arena hosts Season’s Beatings as Heavyweight King Chris Bey makes his first defense of the crown against his best friend and tag partner Suede Thompson on Saturday, December 29th. Every match between these two guys has been an edge of your seat thrill ride, and this one should be no exception.

Bey and Suede had a hotly contested best of seven series in Holly wood and Arizona that culminated in Bey’s match seven win at AZ100 (Bey won series 4-3). The series didn’t make them greater enemies. What it did was cause them to gain more respect for each other in and out of the ring. That led to the unexpected pairing as in late summer and early fall they teamed up as the Bag Boyz in Las Vegas and became FSW Tag Team Champions. They lost the titles to One Percent on December 1st, but that hasn’t stopped them from continuing to dominate the West Coast.

Now they will have to dust off the scouting report and find a way to prevail AGAINST each other again. Since these two combatants are friends will they still be able to find that edge that’s needed in a Title Fight? Is the killer instinct going to be there when it has to be? These two guys had no trouble mixing it up with a shot at gold on the line at the Rumble so Saturday night in Vegas will be no exception. This bout shapes up as another Suede-Bey classic. Match 8 anyone?



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