CWA and WWL Heading for National Television in Puerto Rico

Photo: CWA

It seems that the wrestling scene in Puerto Rico keeps bringing surprises. After a solid show by World Wrestling League last Saturday, the company announced that they had reached a deal with Telemundo PR. Also, Championship Wrestling Assocaition announced that they were closing in on a deal with WAPA TV, Puerto Rico’s largest and most popular television channel.

Photo: WWL

The WWL deal was made possible by Danny Nieves, one of the heads of the company. Danny was brought to the company after the exit of Savio Vega, Hector “Moody” Melendez, and Dennis Rivera and had tons of experience under his belt. Nieves is a big believer that in Puerto Rico you need national television exposure to bring fans to the show, so he set his goal on finding a tv deal for the number one wrestling promotion in the island. Telemundo PR used to showcased Victor QuiƱone‘s International Wrestling Association. It had the hot button for wrestling in the mid-2000s when they aired Impacto Total at 1:00 pm.

The CWA deal came as a surprise since WAPA TV has been the home of Carlos Colon’s World Wrestling Council. Two years ago, WAPA 2 agreed to aired Championship Wrestling School, a small indie promotion that showcased wrestlers from Star Roger‘s school and Thomas Martin‘s school. After the Hurricane Maria, the deal never proceeded. Now, with CWA getting huge investment, WAPA and CWA are close to finishing a deal that will see the second best promotion in the island on the same channel that WWC is aired.

Both deals represent considerable opportunities to expand for the promotions. CWA is in need of a good tv deal since they’re airing their shows on Facebook. WWL is broadcasting their shows on YouTube, which doesn’t leave a lot of revenue. Moreover, the move can bring new sponsors to both companies. Puerto Rican wrestling will have an exciting start in 2019 with this moves.


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