Bray Wyatt’s Twitter Teases New Character Change: “My Next Journey Will Be To Find My True Calling”

Photo: WWE

Bray Wyatt hasn’t been seen on WWE television since mid-August this year and barring a one-off return at the untelevised Starrcade special, he’s been mysteriously quiet for some time. In mid-October, Wyatt began to tweet again, though seemingly from the midst of heavy therapy under doctor’s care, who were trying to unravel and break the twisted mind that Bray had become as a cult leader in his last WWE run. Tonight on Monday Night Raw, WWE announced the impending call-up of six NXT Superstars, as well as played vignettes for the returns of both Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, who have been out with injuries for some time. But on Twitter, Bray Wyatt began to speak once again. It was the first time he’s tweeted in over a week, that started with a quote from the Book of the Dead:

Bray Wyatt’s Twitter Teases New Character Change

Then, during tonight’s Raw, Bray send out a few more cryptic tweets, suggesting he was cured of his God complex and was now on his true path to cure the world.

While it’s still as cryptic as ever, it seems to indicate a new direction for Bray Wyatt’s character since his Wyatt Family debut in NXT in 2012. In another strange move, Bray has deleted every tweet on his timeline from prior to this tweet on December 7.


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