#AndNEW: Chief Deputy Dunne Wins ATTACK! Championship

Photo: Oli Sandler - Ringside Perspective

At tonight’s ATTACK! Pro Wrestling Under The Mistletour – Night 3 event in Cardiff, Eddie Dennis was unseated as the ATTACK! Champion as he lost the title to Damian Dunne. Or as he is now once again known as, Chief Deputy Dunne! The added stipulations were that Dunne would leave ATTACK! if he lost, but The Anti-Fun Police could reunite if he walked out victorious.

The match saw a number of interferences. Dennis’ partners in Nothing To Prove attempted to run in while referee Chris Roberts was down, only to be run off by The Brothers of Obstruction (more commonly known as The Hunter Brothers). From this point on, it was pure chaos as they were joined at ringside by the likes of Travis Banks, Los Federales Santos Jr., and a returning Ryan Smile. The champion actually retained, but Shay Purser made sure ref Roberts realised Damian’s foot was under the ropes. Alas, the match was restarted and we now have a brand new ATTACK! Champion to round off 2018.

Chief Deputy Dunne’s victory and the return of The AFP wasn’t the only noteworthy thing to take place on the show, however, as Splits McPins was forced to retire following a loss to LK Mezinger, and Tyler Bate and WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne bid farewell to ATTACK! as the new NXT UK contracts come into effect on January 1st. They did a big speech to round off the show as Pete also vacated the 24/7 Championship.

It was an emotional night for everyone but as your writer types the outro, we can now sit back and call Chief Deputy Dunne the new ATTACK! Champion. Let’s hope he doesn’t have too much in his championship celebration.


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